Unlock HTC Hero

HTC phones are quickly rising in popularity nowadays. This is due to its revolutionary and attractive features, that encourages users to buy these mobile phones. With features like High definition video playback/recording, crisp surround sound technology and instant Wi-Fi hotspot, who would not be tempted to buy one?

Surely, in order to maximize your HTC phone’s capabilities, you'll have to have a mobile partner. While there're many mobile operators in every country, there is bound to be a good mobile operator, one that's better than the rest in terms of offers and services.

But, many mobile partners have exclusive contracts on a certain mobile manufacturer(s). This means that should you purchase a mobile phone from them, for example, an HTC Thunderbolt, you're only permitted to use the SIM supplied by that company, and any other SIM cards will be blocked by the mobile phone and will not be used. This presents an issue to those who want to go to their preferred mobile partner, as the mobile partner that sells the device they desire doesn't offer their desired services.

Thankfully, there's a strategy to have your cell phone be able to use other SIM , without having your phone blocking the new SIM card. This method is called unlocking.

It is easy to unlock htc hero cell phones, and some other mobile phones too, and it can just take a few minutes of your time. You just need to follow some easy instructions and you will have your phone unlocked and ready to use (with your desired company) right away !

To do this, you must first turn off your phone and look for the IMEI number, that's generally located on the back of your phone (battery slot), or on the box (there should be a slip detailing all the information you need, like the IMEI number). Alternatively, you may try this command:


This, without the quotes, should be entered in your HTC phone. This will return a 15-digit number output, that's the unique IMEI number of your mobile phone. This IMEI number is very important, as this is required for the unlock htc hero code, which is used to unlock your HTC cell phone.

Next thing to do is to call up your mobile partner company and ask them for the corresponding unlock code. Some companies would be ready to give you the unlock code, provided that you've met their requirements. But, most companies won't supply you with the unlock code, as unlocking your phone means automatically canceling your contract with them, meaning you will not need to pay for their services any longer. In effect, they'd lose the mobile phone and they'd suffer a loss in profits from you. This is undesirable for them, certainly.

In case they do not give you the unlock code, you may always download an application which would give you the unlock code for your mobile phone. Beware though, as some applications have trojans and viruses inside them, therefore make sure that you download it from a safe and trusted site.

After downloading the application, you need to simply enter your unique IMEI number and have the program produce the related unlock code for your cell phone. After you have the unlock code, power on your cell phone, but using another SIM instead. The phone will then show the screen where you have to put the unique 8 digit unlock code. Input the code, confirm, and voila! Your phone is now unlocked!

Surely, there're times that the code might not work. Should this happen, download another program as HTC and other mobile phone companies sometimes change their algorithm in producing said 8-digit code.

Now that you've your cell phone unlocked, you can now enjoy the benefits of your chosen mobile operator, without paying out extra.