Are you waiting for a long overdue package from SingPost? Perhaps you're a blogshop owner who has sent a package and it never reached the buyer. This article is intended for anyone who is dealing with a SingPost lost mail or package and talks about how to get your lost registered mail back or how to get your lost non-registered mail back. And to make sure it doesn't happen again, you might want to read my article on how to prevent SingPost lost mail.

SingPost Lost Mail - Post OfficeCredit:,_Jan_06.JPGAre you sure your mail is lost?

Don't panic. It's not often mail gets lost with SingPost and I've successfully gotten back even non-registered Singpost "lost mail". Has it already been 3 working days? SingPost usually takes 1 to 3 working days to deliver your mail or package.

A working day is any day from Monday to Friday, not including public holidays. If your letter or package was sent out on Friday morning and it's Monday today, it's only been 1 working day so relax and wait a few more. Your package is probably on its way. If you sent your mail on Friday afternoon or evening, it might even still be sitting in the post office.

For SingPost lost mail more than 3 working days

There are a few courses of action you can take if it has already been more than 3 working days since your mail was dispatched.

For registered mail

Fortunately, for registered mail you get a tracking number and it's much easier to get a Singpost lost mail back if it's registered. After all, you paid an extra $2.24 to make sure it arrived. The following are what you can do if your lost package is registered:

Check the status of your letter or package
For registered mail, a tracking number should be available. If you are the recepient and the sender has not given you a tracker number, ask them for it. 

You can check the status of your registered article at

Simply enter the tracking number and the web site will show you whether your item has been posted, is in transit or delivered. Bear in mind that it takes a while for the registered mail's status to get updated so if it has only been one or two days, the tracking number might not show anything.

Check for delivery advice or slip and request redelivery
Sometimes the postman came with your registered article but you were not at home. In this case, the postman will leave a delivery advice with details on how you can get your package. If you don't see a mail or package that you are expecting, check whether there's a delivery advice/slip somewhere. Senders should ask receipients to check for it too -- I've had cases of people throwing out the slip because they thought it was junk mail.

Once you have the slip, you can go to to request for your letter or package to be redelivered.

Package delivered or no status after 7 days but you never got it?
With registered mail, it's not likely that your mail or package would be delivered to the wrong person. If the tracking shows that your mail has been delivered but you have not gotten it, the first thing you should do is check with your housemates to see if anyone signed it for you and forgot. If nobody else has it and it's been 7 working days since your mail was dispatched, you can make an enquiry at

For non-registered mail

For non-registered mail, it's not as easy to retrieve lost mut all is not lost (pun not intended) yet. These are some things you can do to increase the chances of getting your lost mail or package back.

Check with the sender or if you're the sender, check with your recepient whether the mail or package was addressed correctly. 

Return address on envelopeCredit: iamsyIs there a return address? 
If the address of the recepient was written incorrectly or the postman could not deliver the mail to the recepient, SingPost may return the package to the return address. I've had a package come back to me once because the recepient had given me the wrong address and the package was undeliverable. So it's always a good idea to write a return address on the envelope or the package.

Check with the SingPost returned letter unit (RLU)
SingPost has a returned letter unit that handles mail or packages that cannot be delivered. I've actually called them twice and although they didn't find my package there, they were very helpful. 

The number for the RLU is 68456675

Before you call them up, make sure you have the date of dispatch, a description of your package or mail, the address that was written on it, any return address, and what is contained in the package or mail. I'm sorry I can't remember the guy's name but someone actually went to look for my package after I described it to him and called me back after a few hours to confirm that it wasn't there.

If they find your mail, they'll contact you again so you or your recepient can collect it from the post office or tell you what to do next.

According to sgselltrade[2], you can also send an email to with the above information. However, I haven't tried that so I cannot attest to its effectiveness.

Call up SingPost
Their hotline is 1605. Yes, it's just 4 numbers. I think whether this works depend on the customer service officer you get. Some of them are pretty helpful but others are just blah.

Check with your nearest post office
Sometimes, the item might already be at the post office but isn't dispatched due to bad weather or perhaps there was a tear in the mail or package. I find that the SingPost people at the branches are more helpful when you go down to the post office in person.

If the mail or package was addressed to you, bring your identification card along to confirm your identity.

SingPost doesn't lose mail that often

I've mailed out hundreds of packages (I think it might have hit a thousand) over the past few years. Out of these packages, only about 10 or even fewer went missing. Often, mail that was thought to be lost was simply delayed or returned because the address given was incorrect.

I think the best way to prevent lost mail is to use registered mail, especially if the mail or package is important or expensive. I've never had a single registered mail go missing. Most of the time it was undelivered because no one was at home and the recepient didn't notice the delivery advice. 

And if you are making an online purchase, the only way you can be sure your package was actually sent out by the seller is to have it registered. The same goes for sellers. If you are selling something expensive, insist on registered post so you can track whether it's been delivered. It's sad to say but there are a few bad apples who will try to rip you off and pretend they haven't received a package when they have.

If you've read all the way to the bottom of this extremely long guide, I applaud you for your patience and I hope you'll get your missing mail back!