Sing Me Something: It Is An Addicting Mobile Game

It would rather be rare to find someone who has not heard of the app Draw Something. And if have indeed heard about this, you also might have played (or maybe just toyed) with it. This has become such a big phenomenon among artists (and “aspiring” artists) that its creators have come up with another one. This new app is called Sing Me Something and, obviously, this is made for singers (and, again, “aspiring” singers). But aside from getting you to sing, it is also a great way to interact with people and friends all over the world who share the same passion in music as you do.

This exciting new app offers a refreshing and fun way to show your love for music and singing and socializing with fellow music enthusiasts. And because this is purely based on singing and guessing songs, practically anyone can play this, from little Johnny to Granny Fran. This is a great game that anyone in the family can play (so watch out if a family member gets a hold of your iPhone, they might get addicted with this app that you will not be able to get it back for some time).

Sing Me Something was founded by Thomas Devos and Askin Akhan, who envisioned a simple game that can transform just about anyone into pop stars. Aside from using your singing skills, this app will also test your ability to recognize songs. The app will only hold you back a mere $1.99 (available for both iPhone and Android users) and should be a great bargain if you are looking to keep yourself entertained for a long time. Plus, it will allow you to access your game stats and even rank the singing talents of others.

How do you play this game? First off, you need pick one from three given songs (each song includes the melody and lyrics to serve as your guide as you sing them). After you have made your choice, you will sing and record it. The other player will hear the 20-second clip of your singing voice and try to guess what the song is. You can opt to randomly choose players from around the world or you can hook up the app with your Facebook profile so you can compete and socialize with your friends.

This app will be great for practically anyone of any lifestyle, whether you are a stay at home buddy or a traveler (you just have to be confident enough to get your singing voice heard by your co-passengers). If you were deeply entertained with Draw Something and you love music, this is definitely an app that will give you hours of entertainment, energy and socializing. It comes with a variety of features like rewards and points, monthly competitions and (once again) Facebook integration, to name a few.

From development company IT Enterprise Ltd., this app will surely be the next big thing in social gaming. So warm up your vocal chords and review your knowledge on songs and artists and get Sing Me Something!