As a start, I would like to write something about my country. I grew up here and I studied here too. I liked this country as I personally feel the sense of belonging here. Having family and friends is the thing that makes me. Without them, I probably would not have survived in education and when I started work. I owe a great debt to them.

In my daily travels, I enjoyed the freedom here. The transport system here is very convenient as it is supported by a great network of Mass Rapid Transit trains called MRT, a few bus services called SBS and Trans Island and lots of taxis and cabs. These services intertwined each other so that anyone could get to their places of interest without any hiccups.

Though lately, we had several flash rains in certain parts of Singapore which flooded the roads, homes and shops, weather here is generally warm and sunny. A great number of people will visit the beaches like East Coast and Sentosa beach, to have a picnic or cycling or just enjoying a walk along the beach with the family. It is a great place for families with children especially.

I particularly like shopping in Singapore. There are just many great sales throughout the whole year. In this month of June till July is the Great Singapore Sale (GSS). I could enjoy lots of discounts and good deals from shopping malls all over this little island. So the convenient travelling around Singapore makes my shopping even more delightful. To be more focused, one fast way I did was purchase the daily newspapers namely The Strait Times and I will find lots of advertisements promoting their sales and products. This helps me a lot.

Besides shopping, the next best thing I enjoy Singapore for is food. Indeed it is glorious food. From breakfast till supper I could enjoy the great variety. Other than my Gardenia bread, I could savour the crispy roti prata (Indian pancake) coupled with fish curry sauce at the local coffee shop. I would order myself a cup of local brewed black coffee with sugar. It makes my day. For lunch, I am usually spoiled for choice. I can have prawn or fish ball noodles or I can order chicken rice or charsiew (Barbequed Pork) rice or simply economic rice with selected meat and vegetable dishes to go with. For dinner I can take Western food like steak or fish with fries at a nearby restaurant.

Other local delights which are must try, include Oil Fried You Tiao (Chinese Fried Bread sticks), Char Kway Teow (Fried Noodles), Satay, Laksa, Carrot Cake and many others. You can simply search on Google or Yahoo with this term "Must Try Food in Singapore" and you are in for a feast.  Also not forgetting the fruits which I only recommend durians. The choices of different grades of durians will amaze any person, especially tourists, if they can still stand after smelling the fragrance of the fruit.

I got to observe these interesting hot spots while enjoying sightseeing and revisiting some tourist attractions like the Singapore Zoological Gardens or the Night Safari or Bird Park. For the latest attraction, you must try out the Universal Studios Singapore, located at Sentosa near Resort World Singapore. It had its grand opening recently and that means all the rides are fully operational and open to public. So this would mean the best value for your ticket.

Last but not least, I am looking forward to the F1 night races which are going to happen in Singapore again. The SingTel Grand Prix Night races are going to be held in Sep 23rd , 24th , 25th, at the Singapore Marina Race Circuit.

With so much events and activities lined up throughout the year, it is no wonder why Singapore is fast becoming over populated with more and more visitors and with more who wants to become citizens here. I would continue to learn to adapt to these many changes, regardless of race, language or religion, so that together we make Singapore not only my home land, but also our home land.