I purchased the Singer Futura because my old sewing machine was dying a slow and miserable death, and taking me down with it. I was tired of having to oil my old machine just to make it work. Seriously- you should not have to OIL your machine EVERY time you use it, nor should you have to pray prior to plugging your sewing machine in. It was definitely time for a replacement. 

The Singer Futura CE-100 is an ageless off white color machine with a blue console on the right side, which houses all of the push button features, including stitches and stitch adjustments. Weighs approximately 34 lbs. Has a wide, stable base. 

Futura Features: 
Easy to use display 
25 Pre-programmed stitches (push of a button!) 
Pre-Programmed button holes 
Separate adjusters for width and length of stitch 
Has a cool "one more stitch" button 
Push Button Reverse stitch 
Presser foot is metal with plastic see though middle 
Automatic thread alignment check 
Generous foot pedal cord 
Top Drop in Bobbin (makes color coordination easy) 
Extra Large embroidery spool holder 
Embroidery Unit that connects to your computer 
Built in thread cutter 
Comes with some cool starter stitches 
Plenty of notion storage in base 
Separate cords for power and foot pedal 
Has a USB port for computer use 

Regarding the sewing machine use, the embroidery capabilities are what initially attracted me to the Futura, although I must admit that I haven't even had the opportunity to play with all the fancy features yet. This is a smart machine, that will let you know if the thread is not put in properly, or if the needle needs to be re-threaded. I have had no problems with bunching, or grabbing. I like the way the needle always "ends" up, so that I don't have to turn the wheel manually to remove my fabric. The foot pedal is smooth, and allows for good control. It comes with software to hook it up to your computer to customize just about any stitch or pattern that you want. With all the features that it includes, I don't find it particularly bulky, as one may expect; just a solid, good working machine that sews very smoothly. 

Just about the only real problem that I have found is the lack of customer support for this machine. When I had lost the power cord when I moved, I went to several different authorized distributors who did not have the cord available, and did not know how to get a new software disk for me. I also called Singer myself, and was never able to get in contact with a representative, even after leaving several messages. I'm glad I finally found both the disk and the power cord, or I might still be waiting for a response. I also wish the light was a bit brighter; it is a bit too dim for my liking. Other than that, no complaints here; it's a solid machine that is attractive and reliable.