Praise God

Singing in a church choir for Sunday worship is a very fulfilling thing to be a part of both for yourself and others around you. The ability to lead other people in worship is powerful and unique because it gives us peace to worship our lord while also bringing others into that worship so they can experience God in a powerful way as well. It's fun to sing with others and to make new friends, and using your voice to praise God is something thousands of people love to do each Sunday. Here's some of my experiences with church choir and things you can take away for your own group as ideas and good stories.


Organization is key for any successful worship team and choir, so the leaders in charge are both equipped and well able to lead. We split off into two groups so the team as a whole is more effective; choir is in one room and the band is on the stage. The reason for this is so that the band can get the groove and melody down with chords and percussion, while the choir can sing and get the tenor, alto, and soprano parts down pat. It's counterproductive to have both the band and the choir practicing in the same room as they won't be able to hear each other and distractions will cripple the leaders efforts. The worship leader takes the band through each part of the song and the leader of the choir goes over each song with the individual parts. We practice our parts and after a good hour and a half oChoirCredit: Wikimedia Commonsr so the two groups converge into one worship team. Now that we have our parts down and the band their bars and chords, we play together and work out anything that needs to be worked on.

After our typical practice day we still listen to our parts on a website we have to keep fresh. That Sunday we come in an hour and a half before the first service to warm up and practice again and make sure everything is smooth. All of this organization and preparation is important to leading others in worship. The last thing we want as a worship team is to be disorganized and messing up lines which distracts our congregation from entering the presence of the Lord. I applaud our leaders and hope that your leaders are just as effective.

Our goal

Our goal as the choir is to sing loud and proud! We all have our parts and as a whole when we sing our parts correctly we become a powerful force to be reckoned with. People hear us singing and change their pitch and tone to match ours since we are the leaders and it helps them focus more on their worship and relationship with God than trying to find the rigSinging ChoirCredit: Wikimedia Commonsht melody and tone. The congregation just listens to us and sings along knowing that it's not up to them but to us to lead the song onwards. It's important to be well prepared with both our parts and our singing voices because if we weren't it would distract the congregation from worshiping and that's the opposite of our goal. We are trying to lead them into the presence of the Lord and being prepared and knowing our parts helps them walk into that presence.

Having fun with each other

Choir isn't all about business, at least not at my church that's for sure. We all have a blast and laughter is the most common thing we experience. Everyone loves God and we are light at heart so we enjoy our time together and sing to the Lord. If we mess up we correct it but we do it in love and in fun. I can't tell you how many times we have done something silly and instead of being serious we joke around and have a good time. Being light hearted helps us sing better and humor keeps us in a good mood to enjoy our time singing. Having fun is important because even Jesus played and laughed. We just want to live our lives according to the Word and live our lives how Jesus did so this is important. Of course we are also serious when the time comes but it's something we volunteer to do so it's important to enjoy ourselves during the process.

All to the glory of God

Volunteering to be in a church choir is fulfilling and gives glory to God by singing praises to Him and leading His people in worship. Take this role both seriously and with a light hearted approach in that you want to do a good job and sing before the King, but also enjoy yourself throughout the process and make friends with your fellow choir members. God is joy and that's what you should be experiencing when you enter into worship and He wants you to experience joy in the choir as well. Work hard, know your parts well, and have fun and you will have a great experience in your church choir singing.