Singing Software And Singing DVD Reviews - Sing With Freedom With Per Bristow Review


- Covers negotiating the break in the voice

- Covers psychological aspects of singing

- Helps develop extraordinary body awareness


- A tad pricey

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Sing With Freedom consists of 4 DVDs focusing on the idea of freeing the voice from physical and psychological barriers.

In fact, Per Bristow, the host and creator of Sing With Freedom says that voice exercises are not only unnecessary but actually counter productive to excellent singing!

Even though I feel strongly that a few comprehensive exercises have their place in every singer's daily practice, I agree with Per on the whole that doing endless exercises is a waste of time. We singers become perfectionists about things like "singing on pitch" and getting the vibrato just right, etc. While these are certainly valid goals to strive for, obsessing in this manner can cause a singer to create all sorts of mental blocks because they're afraid of not hitting the note exactly or producing the exact sound that they think they should be making.

Too much of this kind of thinking results in psychological discomfort and physical tension.

I've seen and experienced this first hand both with myself and with students who sang with pinpoint accuracy one day and like a dying cat the next. What could have transpired in just a day? The answer is that too much analysis causes us to overthink our actions and hesitate, freeze up or tense our bodies.

Per's approach to singing is super organic. He really emphasizes that any and all sound we produce is OK and doesn't need to be labeled as "good," "bad," etc. This allows the singer to focus on improving without condemning themselves every time they sing a note flat. Being able to personally attest to how hard it is to UNTIE all of these psychological knots, I'm convinced that Sing With Freedom is possibly one of the best pieces of Singing Software and Singing DVD sets for beginners and people who overthink their singing.


"There's no such thing as mistakes, only feedback."

Sing With Freedom draws on a number of disciplines that Per has extensive knowledge in such as sport science, physiology, vocal science and body awareness techniques. Per's main goal is to help you develop a superhuman awareness of your body for maximum output with the least amount of effort. Sing With Freedom also details how to negotiate the break in the voice and make a smooth transition from chest voice to head voice to falsetto.

Overall, Sing With Freedom is a great value at a reasonable price and Per also offers private lessons via Skype or in his studio in Los Angeles.

The program goes for $137 for the downloadable version and $177 for the physical DVDs.

The guarantee is 30 days, 100% money-back.

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