Singing Software And Singing DVD Reviews - Singing Success With Brett Manning Review


- Teaches the Low Voicebox Position

- Teaches Blending of the Registers

- Teaches Vibrato

- Long-lasting Guarantee (6 Months)


- Pricey

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Singing Success is one of the most popular singing software and singing DVD products in the world.

At least that's what the website says! In any case, the list of celebrity singers who have used Singing Success reads like a who's who of music stars: Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus have all used singing success.

Considering the stature of some of the Singing Success users, it's amazing that this program is available to the general public. Typically, a given technology makes it to the public at least 5 years after private and top-tier testing.

One of the awesome things about Singing Success that I can't say about many other voice training software products is that the forum is extremely active. Teachers actually from Singing Success are always on it answering questions as well as many respected voice teachers and of course, tons of students with questions. You can also post videos or audio of your singing and ask others to give constructive criticism. Anybody who's been singing for a while knows how valuable this is to get an honest opinion of your progress.

The vocal training program consists of 12 DVDs and a work book. You can also download a digital version and the program is available in Spanish!

Brett and his instructors concentrate on teaching the ability to blend the registers, which they call "mastering the mix" in order to access all the notes in one's range with equally little effort while maintaining balanced tone.

The program is solid from a voice science standpoint as well. Singing Success draws on Speech Level Singing and teachers a low voicebox position. In all my years of professional singing and teaching, this is by far the most important concept that I see neglected and that transforms voices once it's mastered. I have to give credit where it's due – Singing Success covers this thoroughly.

I do believe some of the exercises are on the goofy side but many are extremely useful, especially the ones which blend registers.

Singing Success goes for $199.95 and has a 6 month money-back guarantee.

One important thing to remember about singing software and singing DVD products is that every single one (that I've reviewed so far, at least) offers a 100% refund guarantee. Several programs I've reviewed even go so far as to promise a 110% or higher money-back guarantee. That's saying something about the creator's confidence in the strength of their product.

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