Singing Software - Singorama Review


- Very Comprehensive

- Free Mini Recording Studio and Pitch Software

- Affordable


- 2 Month Refund Window

Full Review

Singorama is a comprehensive singing software package.

Of all the singing software and singing dvd products I've tried and reviewed, Singorama is by far the most well-rounded and comprehensive.

28 audio lesson cover everything from fundamentals like understanding the voice and warming up to more advanced topics like singing in harmony, solfege and writing songs.

Singorama doesn't focus solely on singing like many other singing software products do, but covers something equally important: musicianship. Singers are infamous for their bad musicianship and Singorama helps them improve it.

As a singer I completely understand how much time gets devoted to singing, perfecting the voice, learning new music, etc. All of these things are time consuming and musicianship gets neglected.

But any professional singer will tell you that you ignore musicianship at your own peril! If you're unable to read, write and speak the language of music then you'll always have trouble communicating with other musicians. Plus, becoming a competent musician increases the understanding and pleasure you get from music immensely.

The Takeaway: Musicianship is a Must!

Ok, so now that I've beat this musicianship thing to death… ;-)

Singorama runs $99 and has a 2 month money-back guarantee.

It includes 4 bonus CDs.

1. Voice Warmups
2. Voice Strengthening Exercises
3. Range Increasing Exercises
4. Interval Training For Singers

It also comes with 2 free additional pieces of software:

- Mini Recording Studio
- Perfect Your Pitch Pro

The recording studio allows you to sing into your computer microphone and then hear yourself in playback.

Nearly all of the high end vocal studios in the world use this type of technology to help students improve rapidly and track their progress. We often think we sound one way, look and perform one way, until we see and hear ourselves from an outside source. This is the old tape recorder effect.

Taking notes on your lessons, practice sessions and performances is one of the best and quickest ways to improve as a singer and musician.

Recordings are very honest about your flaws and show you exactly what you need to work on. That's why this feature of Singorama is so convenient and I even review a product on my singing reviews website that's made solely for the purpose of recording and visualizing the voice on-screen!

The recording studio also comes with an on-screen keyboard

The second piece of music software, Perfect Your Pitch Pro, is a game that helps you to learn to identify pitches.

It's fun and useful and part of any solid musical training plan.

In Closing