Single cup coffee machines are one of the fastest growing segments within the coffee maker industry. The benefits of a one cup coffee maker are clear: convenience, variety, and speed. Given the continuing growth of coffee consumption in the world, it is little wonder that these compact coffee makers are becoming a popular home appliance. Learning how to choose the best one is not difficult and there are plenty of models loaded with features on the market today.

Why choose a single cup coffee maker? There are a great many advantages to owning a small coffeepot. For a single person or couple getting that one cup of java in the morning is important, but sometimes that is all that is needed. Rather than spending $3 to $5 a cup at some gourmet coffee shop, for a fraction of the price a person can brew a top quality cup of Keurig Single Cup Coffee Machinescoffee at home. If two people are in the mood for different flavors it is also easy to quickly brew two cups and satisfy each of them. The days of the same coffee flavor delivered out of a big metal can are over! The individual servings offer the most popular flavors like vanilla or hazelnut in a variety of strengths, too. In many homes a full pot is mostly wasted or left to cook down to truck stop quality. The single cup brewer means a great tasting and hot beverage every time. The convenience of making a single cup is very appealing, the endless variety of flavors means there is always a flavor for any mood or situation and the brew speed for a cup is very quick. For others in the family, there are even teas and decaf coffees that can be brewed in them, too. It is quite a versatile machine.

There are many similarities between the single cup coffee machines on the market today, but enough difference to make certain models stand head and shoulders above the competition. The line of Keurig Single Cup Home Brewing Systems is certainly among the best in the industry. Keurig's patented K-Cups for coffee or tea means a no fuss brew. With no messy grinding or clean up afterwards, the Keurig is a popular choice for people on the go. The choices of drink varieties and features definitely put the Keurig B40, B-60, and B-70 models on the top of many wishlists. These loaded machines generally start around $100 and rise from there.

For the budget minded there are still some great choices in single cup coffee makers. The trusted name of Black & Decker brands a coffee maker complete with a stainless steel travel mug for less than $20. This incredible value puts the convenience of micro-brew coffee in the price range of any coffee lover. The retail price is about the same as one week's worth of expensive takeout coffee. No nonsense and reliability define the Black & Decker line of coffee makers. Many coffee lovers are not aware that a compact coffeepot can be so affordable.

There are many great single cup coffee machines available both locally at finer department stores and online at trusted retailers like Amazon. No matter what style or features a coffee lover demands or budget limitations they may have, it is still very easy to find a machine to deliver that morning cup of coffee. The benefits offered by a mini-brewer can not be fully appreciated until there is one in your home. Many users wonder how they ever lived without it once they experience the speed, variety, and flexibility of brew options available in the high-tech models available today. They also make great wedding gifts, college dorm staples, or for a house-warming gift for any coffee lover in your life.