Being a single mother is not only difficult because of the increased responsibilities one has to take on, but being a single mother also brings in other financial difficulties. One of the hardest things single mothers have to endure is paying for babysitting or daycare while they are at work. To work a full time job while having your child in daycare can cost upwards of $1000 a month per child which makes it extremely difficult for a mother to afford to pay all the other bills while simultaneously having somebody take care of their precious child.

In this article we will discuss a simple way to counter this obstacle, that is right, we are going to talk about setting up a single mother daycare!

Single Mother Business: A Daycare

If you work full time right now and make around $3000/month, that is roughly $36K a year. Subtract roughly $1000 a month to have your child attend daycare and you are left with only $24K and that doesn't even take into account taxes. If you think about it, you can actually make more money per year while making sure your child is taken care of somebody who truly cares about them, yourself!

The first step is to see how many children your state or province will allow you to take care of without a license. It varies from area to area, but it can range from 2 to 6. To be perfectly honest, to avoid getting in any sort of trouble invest a tiny bit of money in your education and get licensed, you can take on more children, prevent legal headaches and most importantly make more money. If you are short on cash there are many single mother education grants that could potentially help you out.

Single Mother DaycareOnce you have figured out the numbers, make a space in your living area that you want to use for taking care of these children. For the most part it doesn't matter where you put them in your place, just make sure the area is free of hazards and that there are toys for the kids to play with. After all, you want the children to want to come to daycare, if they don't they may complain to their parents and get moved to another location.

Once you have sorted out where you will be taking care of the children and you've acquired your license, it is time to find some kids to bring to your daycare. The best place to start out is wherever your child goes to school. Ask around with the parents; this is going to be your best bet because you will most likely already have repor with these people. If you can't find adequate children through your existing networking of friends, families and schools you can resort to Craigslist. Be careful though, if you meet anybody through Craigslist, be VERY careful to run a full background check on them before accepting their children.

Once you've built up a few clients through your friends and family you will most likely get referrals. As you grow, you may wind up reaching your max capacity and will need to rethink your options. At this point you will have to make a decision whether you want your Single Mother Daycare to grow into something larger or if you are content taking care of your own children and a few others while making ends meet. If you want to expand you are going to need to find trustworthy help.

Where to find trustworthy help?

Just like finding clientele like you did when you started your business, the best place to look for helpers is amongst your friends, family and the friends of your children. Often times there are other mother's who recently had a child and are not looking to go back to the 9-5 grind at a regular day job and would rather sacrifice a few dollars an hour to spend more time with their children. These women are the perfect candidates. Thoroughly interview each one and once you've found the perfect match, put her through the licensing process and voila, you can now have double the kids. My suggestion would be to pay her 60% of the revenue generated by the children she is responsible for at your daycare and profit the rest. If you can work your way up to five or six day care assistants you are set to make yourself a very handsome wage.

While this process is not going to be easy, watching your own business grow, especially as a Single mother is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to watch your creation grow (your single mother business), you don't have to miss a second of your child's life working to put food on the table.