As a single person how would you like to travel with other single people? Companies that specialize in single traveling are growing each year. Many single people would rather go with a vacation group where everybody is single as opposed to being the only single person.

Regardless of where you would like to vacation to you can easily find a company that specializes in single travel.

Singles Travel International

Singles Travel International is a reputable company that has been specializing in singles travel for many years. Singles Travel International caters to singles of all ages. If you are 21 or 51 then Singles Travel International will be able to help you select and plan your vacation.

Singles TSingles Travelravel International has many special singles travel events they plan such as the Life Makeover Caribbean Cruise For Women

O Solo Mio

O Solo Mio offers vacations for singles. They have the 18-35 years of age singles travel and then they also have the "Classic" singles tours which are for people off all ages as long as they are single. They have a limited number of single vacations each year but if one of the interests you then I highly suggest using O Solo Mio. One of the single travel vacations they offer is the "Irish Jaunt".


OARS as there website and catalog state "is for single and solo travelers". If you like adventure touring such as backpacking, white water rafting, and sea kayaking then take a look at all of the adventures they have for single people.

If you are tires of paying a "single supplemental fee" then OARS is a good company. They cater towards people who travel solo and do not charge you an extra fee simply because you are on vacation by yourself.

The variety of vacations that OARS offers is hard to match. Everything from extreme adventure vacations to rafting and wine tasting vacations.

Intrepid Suntrek

Intrepid Suntrek tours offers travel options for single travelers. Intrepid Suntrek limits the travel groups to 13 people. On the camping and hiking tours you will stay in a tent and not a hotel. Intrepid Suntrek places an emphasis on "being green". Some of the Intrepid trips are targeted for young singles while the company also has vacations for families.

The World Outdoors

The World Outdoors offers many adventure hiking itineraries The World Outdoors takes some of these adventure travel groups and market them only for singles. All of The World Outdoors can be booked by adventurous travelers who are single.

Single Cruises

On almost all cruises you will meet many people who are single but there are many companies that offer singles cruises. One of the websites you can learn more about single cruising is at

Most of the singles cruise are broke down by age categories. Over 40 single cruises, Over 60 single cruises etc.

Here is a listing of some of the single cruises that are currently being offered on

10-Night Baby Boomer Eastern Caribbean Islander Singles Cruise From Ft. Lauderdale (Over 40 singles cruise)

7-Night Exotic Western Caribbean Halloween Bash Singles Cruise from Orlando

7-Night Enchanting Greek Isles and Turkey Singles Cruise from Venice

8-Night Winter Blast Caribbean Singles Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale

SingleCruises offers these single cruises as well as many others. Regardless of which singles cruise you decide on all cruises are fun.

There are many types of single cruises offered by most of the major cruise lines. You can even find niche cruises for singles such as Gay Cruises, Swinger Cruises, Music Cruises, and even stand up comedy classes. Many of these niche cruises may not be directed for singles only but the majority of the people on board the cruise will be single.

Jabez Travel

Jabez Travel is a Christian owned company that organizes travel vacations for Christian singles.

Best Single Travel has hundreds of various vacations for singles in many different age ranges. They have a huge range of single travel vacations. Some of the single travel vacations Best Single Travel offers include:

  • Sexy Seniors Week
  • Suddenly Single Week
  • Singles Safari in Kenya Africa

Best Single Travel has a huge number of single vacations available. From Cancun Mexico to Thailand, South Africa, and even Costa Rica. Regardless of where you want to travel too Best Single Travel will have a vacation going there.

Religious Singles

If you want to travel with a group of the same faith as you then you are in luck. All religions have Travel Agents and websites that will help you find your denomination and help you to book a cruise or vacation. On the religious singles vacations not only will all of your travel companions be single but they will also have the same religious beliefs and morals.

There are travel options for all religions including Jewish Singles, Mormon Singles, Christian Singles, Protestant Singles, Muslim Singles, and almost any other type of religion you can find. I have not found an Amish Singles travel group yet.

Traveling With Other Singles

When traveling with other singles you can have a lot of fun. It does not matter if you are divorced, single mother, young college kid, or a modern Eco hippy who mulches his own leaves in the back yard of his mud and hay house. All types and classes of single men and women can find an appropriate travel group.

If you want a calm and relaxing trip you can easily find similar singles to travel with. If you want a party hard type of vacation you can find that. Even if you are 75 and want a party hard singles vacation group you can find one.

Many singles travel vacations groups will give you a "travel companion" of the same sex who you will share hotel rooms with. It is not uncommon for some of these same sex travel companions to swap out with "friends" they meet of the opposite sex.

Single travel is very popular and there are an unlimited number and variety of choices you have when traveling single.

Image Credit: (Flickr/realsmiley)