Continuous coughing, sneezing, headache, chest pain, these are the symptoms of a sinus attack and there are many sinus infection home remedies. Sinuses are the small cavities in the bone of the nose. These sinuses can swell due to a viral or bacterial infection and hence cause cold, cough and accumulation of mucus. The person who faces troubles due to the sinuses will always have breathing troubles; discomfort due to accumulation of mucus, fever and many more such illnesses. The various home remedies which one can always keep ready when going to get a sinus attack will help relieve the issues and help breathe well. Let us see some easy home remedies which will cure sinus attacks.

When you feel that you have an infection and have started seeing the first symptoms of a cold and headache, you can start with a simple sinus infection home remedy. You can start by taking hot water vapours. Steam is the best way to kill the infection inside the nose and also release the settled mucus inside the nose and nasal chamber.

You need to take water in a large bowl and heat it until its boiling point. When the steam starts to rise, you should lower your face on the steam and cover your head with a towel. The towel will not allow the steam to escape and hence you can inhale all the hot steam. This is a very effective method and hence can be done by all you face sinus troubles.

Garlic is a natural product which is one of the best sinus infection home remedy. Garlic has medicinal properties and any kind of fungal or bacterial infection can be reduced drastically with the help of garlic. Garlic juice is consumed when a person gets an attack of sinuses. This juice being pungent in taste and smell will reduce the infection and the creation of mucus effectively and hence reduce your sinuses problems. Capsules made of garlic can also be eaten regularly.

These will act like a medicine for your cold and infection. Some people even recommend that garlic buds be crushed and boiled in water. The steam which is formed if inhaled will give instant relief from a running nose and severe headache. The steam contains the nutrients from garlic and will enter your nose and lungs and stop the formation of mucus.

Another very effective sinus infection home remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar. This too can be put in water and the boiled. You can inhale the stem and the vapours of the vinegar will enter your lungs. The formation of cough and mucus will stop instantly and help you recover from your cold and cough. When the formation of mucus stops your infection will get healed too and hence stop your cold. All the other issues which are related to sinus attacks will reduce as well.

The potassium from the vinegar is what does the wonders. You can also consume the vinegar by mixing it with hot water. Drink this mixture 2-3 times a day and your cold will go in no time.

Another very effective sinus infection home remedy is drinking a lot of water. For adults the water consumption should be 10-15 glasses a day and for children they should be 7-8 glasses a day. Water is a good solvent and when you drink so much water daily, it will dissolve all the fats and toxins from your body. The mucus and infected cells will dissolve in the water as well. When you drink more water you tend to urinate more often and hence all the toxins and infections will get thrown out easily. You do not have to take medicines and capsules for curing your cold. Water will cure it for you.

A vegetable which is known to be a perfect cure for sinuses trouble is jalapeño peppers. Many of the medicines which are known to be made from natural ingredients have jalapeño peppers in them. Peppers are anti-oxidants and will reduce the production of any kind of infection and formation of mucus in the body. Sinus infection home remedy can include jalapeño peppers in it as they will help solve any health issues related to sinuses.

Eucalyptus oil or juice from the eucalyptus leaves is very good when you are a patient of sinusitis. Eucalyptus is a tall tree with pungent smelling leaves. This pungent smell helps in reducing the fungal or bacterial infection that may have happened and has caused the cold and cough. Sinus infection home remedy can include the plant eucalyptus in it and the oil which is extracted from the leaves is used extensively.

A few drops of the oil can be sprayed on a handkerchief and you can keep holding the handkerchief to your nose to remove congested noses and blocked nasal chambers. There are roll ons available in the market which are made with the eucalyptus extract and this roll on can be kept handy for application on your nose externally for relief from a blocked nose.

All these natural home remedies are effective when you are in the first stages of a sinus attack. If the cold and cough gets worse and there is congestion in the chest and nasal chambers and pipes then consulting a doctor is the best option. You need to take some high powered medicines if you cannot breathe correctly and these will help emulsify the mucus inside the lungs. Common cold and cough can be prevented by covering your ears in the wind, wearing warm clothes during winter and windy days.

You should always eat hot food and drink warm water. Warm water is easy to digest and will always prevent the mucus from getting thick. Any kind of infection will reduce as well when you consume warm water. People who have sinus troubles should keep away from allergic food. This food can be anything like dairy products and some fish.

A sinus infection home remedy will definitely help you relieve the problem, but in case of doubt, pay your doctor a visit!