Sinus problems can be caused by a number of reasons including allergies, bacterial, fungal and viral infections. When the nasal passages are irritated the arteries and veins of the sinuses swell and expand, this can cause a buildup of mucus that becomes trapped and results in a blockage of mucus, air and pus. Symptoms people experience include runny nose, headache, jaw ache, fever and flu like symptoms along with bad breath caused by the thick secretions of mucus. If these conditions are not treated and become worse, then serious complications can develop. A person experiencing sinus problems can suffer extreme sinus pressure and discomfort. The pain usually starts around the eyes and then moves towards the jaw. Sinus issues can sometimes be mistaken for a headache or toothache.

Because of the advances in science and technology, there are many antibiotics and medicines that can help alleviate the patient’s sinus issues. However, there is always a chance of complications and adverse effects if the drugs are used for a prolonged period of time. However, there are some natural remedies for relieving sinus problems that can work well.  Here are three homeopathic solutions you can try to help alleviate your sinus issues:


1.   One major step to treating sinus problems by natural means is through nasal irrigation.  This is accomplished by using a syringe and forcing water through the nasal and sinus passages effectively removing the allergy developing materials, pollens, dirt and other bacteria from the nasal passages. You should use distilled water for this procedure.

2.   Another natural treatment for sinus problems is by inhaling steam either by boiling water and breathing in the steam or taking a hot steamy shower. This has also proven to be effective.

3.  A third method that has been found effective is alternating a hot and cold compress on the face over the sinuses and nose. To be effective this needs to be done repeatedly at least six times a day.

The most efficient way to prevent sinus issues from occurring is to remove the agents causing the problem in the nasal passages whether that is through natural means or by taking antibiotics. You also need to take care of your body, eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest to ensure your immune system is strong and can fight off infection. Remember to always consult a physician if your symptoms do not improve.