The forces of Nature take their toll on everyone. Gravity exacts a price, the sun and wind demand their due, and stress leaves its marks on our brows and around our lips. Reluctant to give up our youth while still in our prime, we seek nourishing, rejuvenating beauty products to restore vital nutrients and precious moisture to our skin. We look for just the right creams to protect us from age, and we look for just the right lotions and oils to replenish all that daily life has drained away. We seek healthy hair products to put-back the fullness and luster in our locks. We see absolutely no reason why time and nature should rob us of our beauty.

The bio-scientists at Sisley wholeheartedly agree.

They formulate health and beauty products that make us look just as young as we feel. Rich in anti-oxidants, moisturizers, and nutrients, Sisley health and beauty products replenish skin. Sisley beauty products bring back the radiance, suppleness, and softness we cherish in our delicate skin. With a full line of restoratives, make-ups, and fragrances, Sisley gives us tools for targeting special areas on elbows, knees, heels, throats, and breasts; and they give us all-over lotions and oils that penetrate deep beneath skin's surface to bring its beauty from the inside out.

Every Sisley product is carefully compounded from potent natural plant extracts and essential oils-no chemical additives or preservatives, no artificial fragrances or man-made coloring agents. Sisley's Phytocosmetologists carefully combine plants' most potent healing ingredients to optimize each one's unique restorative powers and to promote synergy among them. Their exacting science and uncompromising standards for quality result in products that show immediate and long-lasting benefits. Many products promise. Sisley products deliver.

Sisley offers just the right product for every step in a woman's daily and weekly beauty regime. Rich cleansers and exfoliants clear away dry and damaged skin, revealing the healthy, radiant skin beneath. Gentle facial buffing creams bring out skin's natural glow. A full line of soothing aromatherapy bath and shower products delivers a delicious all-over freshness, and luxurious creams and oils soften skin - even those troublesome rough spots. Deep cleansing shampoos and robust conditioners refresh and rejuvenate hair, making it fuller and stronger. Creamy-smooth sunscreens protect against sun's ravages, and the most delectable eye-shadows and lipsticks bring all spring's colors to our faces.

We will grow old with grace, and we will gain wisdom as the years pass. But Sisley will help us make absolutely certain none of it shows on our faces.