Devoted to Phytocosmetology, the science and art they invented and have spent their lives perfecting, the Count and Countess d'Ornano scrutinize every aspect of every Sisley's products formulation, preparation, packaging, and sale. No detail is too small to escape their notice. And they save their most loving attention for selection and harvesting of the potent prime botanical extracts and essences that distinguish their family's products from all the others on the market. Working with their team of bio-scientists and researchers, the d'Ornanos scour the globe for the best plants grown in the best locations from the richest soil. Waiting patiently until each plant reaches the peak of its perfection, the d'Ornanos and their team select only the best parts of each plant for use in their unique creams, lotions, oils, fragrances, cosmetics, and health products.

The family's high standards and their uncompromising insistence that every product be the very best in its class result in a luscious line of lavish cosmetics absolutely unrivalled by any other maker anywhere else in the world. From rich and alluring eye shadows in all of nature's vibrant tints and hues to delectable lipsticks in all the rainbow's subtle shades, Sisley cosmetics are absolutely as healthy as they are beautiful.

Women worldwide swear by Sisley oil-free fluid foundation, which smoothes-on flawlessly, the perfect base for Sisley's botanical-bountiful blushes. For a slightly more natural look, though, in place of foundation, many women use Sisley's unique tinted moisturizer. Rich in botanical extracts like all Sisley products, this creamy smooth moisturizer complements all skin tones and works on all skin types. And all women love Sisley's silky-satiny eye-shadows: they glide on effortlessly and evenly, adding the allure and enchantment of rich, natural color. Perfectly matched eye-liners complement delectable shadows. Phyto Mascara instantly, easily separates and thickens lashes, giving them not only rich, dramatic color but also healthy nourishment to restore their natural length and fullness.

And moisture rich lipsticks and glosses bring lips to life. Soothing and softening even harshly chapped lips, Sisley lipsticks keep their freshness and color through a long day of business meetings and conference calls. And with just a little touch-up, Sisley's brilliant colors light up the night.

At day's end, use Sisley's extravagant Creamy Mousse Cleanser and Make-up Remover, to remove make-up safely without robbing skin of precious oils and nutrients. Many women complete their daily beauty rituals with Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing, which softly scrubs away dry and dead skin, leaving their faces fresh and fragrant.