Made of nature's very best ingredients, powerful botanicals picked and packed at the peak of their potency, Sisley make-ups are every bit as good for our delicate skin as they are beautiful. Every single one of Sisley's literally hundreds of make-up products is absolutely wonderful, so that it's very difficult to decide which among the many really warrants the admittedly hefty expenditure. Assuming, however, that frequent shoppers have done their homework, most consumers agree a list of the most popular products will suffice.

For Complexions

• "Transmat" Botanical Make-Up with Cucumber: Absolutely natural-looking matte make-up, completely comfortable all day long. With cucumber as its leading ingredient, this luminous foundation restores essential amino acids as it provides long-lasting coverage. Smooth and creamy, the foundation glides over face and throat with fingertips, and feels weightless all day long.

• Phyto-Blush Eclat: Sisley's signature high-tech, plant-rich formula in an ultra-fine micronized powder blush. Simultaneously covers and beautifies, serving as the perfect complement to "Transmat" Botanical foundation. Gives skin dazzling radiance-a wonderfully healthy glow. Extremely easy to blend and harmonize for a variety of looks-lighter by day and more dramatic by night. The real secret, however, is mother-of-pearl micro sheath which results in a glowing finish. Each perfectly palm-sized compact contains two natural looking shades-the lighter shade brightens, and the darker shade sculpts; of course, they mix for more or less intensity. Select two shades of mango, two shades of rose, or two shades of peach according to skin's natural tone.

For Eyes…

• Phyto-Kohl Perfect Eyeliner: Adds drama and intensity to eyes, accenting them with iridescent, metallic, or matte finishes. Good chemistry and a little expert artistry make this eyeliner easy to apply. Like the blush enhanced with mother-of-pearl, the eyeliner contains maximum pearl particles for great metallic highlights. Yet, because it is rich in oils and natural waxes, the firm lead glides it on like a cream eye-shadow. Perfect, precise lines with no muss, no fuss, and no bother. Pure intense shades derived directly from nature and tinted to complement all of Sisley's rich-creamy shadows.

• Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eye Shadow: almost too high tech for words, this silky, ultra-fine powered eye-sahdow glides on effortless and mixes infinitely, giving the full range of looks from innocent to decadently daring and everything in between. Never heavy, and never-ever cakes, all-day comfortable, colors last but never look too heavy or garish.

• Quick and Easy Phyto Mascara: Nutrient rich, compounded with wheat proteins, natural wax, and castor oil, this rich mascara keeps lashes supple and silky-smooth. The wheat proteins coat lashes, protecting them while assuring the mascara holds without clumping or caking. Its soft texture makes this mascara perfect for sensitive eyes or for wear with contact lenses.

In the United States, all these products are available at Nordstrom and Nieman-Marcus - either in stores or online.