As is the case with all Sisley health and beauty products, each in Sisley's family of fine fragrances meets the highest standards of purity and the most demanding standards of beauty and allure. Because a woman's fragrance is the cornerstone of her signature style, it perfectly must match her chemistry and her look. Sisley offers three distinctive fragrances, formulated for sophisticated, cosmopolitan women on the move.

Complex, subtle, and refined, Sisley's "Eau de Soir" plays notes in all eleven octaves. "The fragrance of eternal femininity," Eau de Soir gets rich deep tones from amber and musk, pretty alto descants from floral essences, and an enticing soprano from spicy citrus accents. Vital and vivacious, radiating rich and soothing herbs, "Eau de Campagne" is a youthful, sporty scent. Devotees agree with perfumers: Eau de Campagne has "a fresh herbaceous scent that infuses vitality and wellbeing into daily life." And Mrs. Isabelle d'Ornano's own signature fragrance, intense, elegant and rich, "Soir de Lune" stands out from all its rivals: "a great modern floral chypre." Mrs. D'Ornano describes her fragrance as "perfect alchemy of sensuality and allure." Soir de Lune combines fresh and tangy crystalline notes with feminine floral scents, and it entices with woody and musky notes.

The Count and Countess d'Ornano appreciate how the vessel's beauty complements the fragrance inside, decanting each of their three unique, seductive parfum sprays in attractive functional glassware which adorns a woman's dressing table as it preserves the perfume's freshness. Eau du Soir and Soir de Lune feature cut-glass atomizers with original sculptured caps designed by renowned Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof

Discerning women understand nothing is worse than different products' fragrances clashing or competing. Therefore, each of Sisley's distinctive fragrances comes not only as eau de parfum spray, but also in soothing body lotion, long-lasting deodorant, and refreshing shower soap. Mixing potent, delicious fragrances from pure, precious botanicals, Sisley scientists and Phytocosmetologogists pay attention not only to aesthetics but also to the oils' and essences' aroma-therapeutic powers. Sisley's fragrances soothe and comfort, relieving stress and easing fatigue as today's executive woman moves gracefully from the office by day to the social swirl by night.

Available at the best perfumeries and finer department stores worldwide, Sisley fragrances put the flourish in a powerful woman's signature style.