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SBI actually works. They have documented case studies with real people with sites you can see today, not some guru claiming to have done it, but who won't show you the sites they've built that make all the money

Complete package - no extra fees for research tools, auto responders or anything else. You'd pay much more to have all this seperate.

Forums that provide help from those who have actually lived it and succeeded, rather than just a bunch of beginners all in the same boat.

You'll learn how to make your website a success from start to finish rather than starting 100 different sites as you do now and hoping one of them will make money. Your first site will be successful if you follow the plan. Once you actually know how to build a successful site, you can repeat it anytime you want.


Will not appeal to the get rich quick crowd. This requires actual work and persistance.

If you think black hat techniques are the way, this is not for you.

If you think 100 mini sites is the way to riches or harnessing social traffic will make you rich - find somewhere else to go.

If you think you can be successful spinning content and gaming search engines - you aren't right for SBI.

Full Review

In the world of " I want to make money on the web" there are a lot of products. Most are nothing more than a shovel. What do I mean by that? Think about all the top secret never before revealed money making techniques out there in the market place. If they were so good, why would the person sell them? They'd keep them to themselves and make the money, but they sell them because they make money selling them easier than they do by implementing the supposed top secret plan they offer. It reminds me of the gold rush in California. We're you better off owning a gold mine, or selling shovels to prospectors? Now you understand why there are so many shovel salesmen.

Site Build It, is one of the rare gems that does what it promises. It is a complete system of how to make a website that will get traffic and make you money. It includes hosting, all the keyword research tools you need and you don't need comlicated instructions on how to use them, its' all very easy. The biggest thing you get though is a comprehensive step by step guide that walks you through the entire site building process.

It tells you what you need to do in order to be successful. It doesn't leave out anything. There are more materials there than you'd get with any traditional internet marketing membership site. What's more the methods and tools SBI offers are proven to work. No fake guru hitting you for $29 per month that make their money from your membership rather than using the techniques they teach.

In fact SBI up front weeds out the serious people from those looking to make a quick buck instantly. You will only find serious people dedicated to making their business succeed when you visit the wonderful support forum. Everyone shares ideas in the forum and guess what, contrary to just about every other forum on internet marketing, people show you the site they are making. Have you ever seen that in the get rich before lunch forums?

No they all hide their sites because they are afraid that someone will steal their idea, their content or whatever. That isn't the way it works on SBI. People share what works, what doesn't and get on with helping one another succeed. Of course if you are building typical wordpress spamsense sites with 5 pages of content and 30 tags like some supposed guru's espouse, you won't fit in at SBI.

In Closing

SBI will not appeal to everyone. In fact a lot of you reading this article are not right for SBI because you are expecting to put up a website in the morning, be running to the bank to cash all your checks over the lunch hour and retire rich before supper. I've got news for you, it doesn't work that way and the sooner you realize that and get on with a system that works, the sooner you'll actually make money. For most of you, this advice will fall on deaf ears.

If you are looking for a true opportunity to have a successful site then SBI is the single best place to start on the internet. For more details check it out here.