It is sometimes surprising how something so simple can have so many benefits.  Unless you live an entirely secluded life, you have heard about the many benefits regular exercise provides for us humans.  Well, the same is true when it comes to the benefits of walking your dog.

Walking your dog

Exercise Helps Your Dog Digest Their Food

Walking your dog regularly can help your dog’s digestive system and can aid in relieving or preventing constipation.

Burns Off Excess Energy

If you have ever arrived home after work and been greeted by your dog jumping and bouncing around, you have seen a dog that could benefit from a long, brisk walk.  A long walk, say an hour or so first thing in the morning, can help set your dog up for a great day.  The dog will burn off the pent up energy he gained from a good night's sleep and likely greet you in a calmer manner when you return home later in the day.

Assists in Deterring Disruptive Behavior

Dogs need to participate in positive activities. Exercising your dog can help reduce and sometimes eliminate your dog’s chewing, digging, or other unwanted behaviors.  If you do not provide them with positive ways to stay engaged, they will occupy their time in a way that may not be pleasing to their human masters.

Helps with Keeping Your Canine In Shape

Of course, burning off energy is just one of the benefits of walking your dog.  A daily walk will also keep your canine slim and trim and help prevent him from contracting the many conditions that can be caused by obesity.  Obesity is one of the fastest growing conditions seen in dogs today.  This condition places more stress on the heart, liver, lungs and other vital organs. Excess weight also makes your dog more prone to injury and can cause complications should some surgical procedure become necessary. Just like in humans, extra weight on dogs can contribute to a much shorter life expectancy.

Helps to Socialize Your Pup and Build Trust

Some dogs can be a little put off by other dogs and unfamiliar humans. Walking can help your dog enteract with other dogs and meet new people.  As time passes your dog will learn to trust these new contacts as he sees that it is part of normal life for a dog and human alike.

Helps to Promote Your Bond

While the benefits of walking you dog mentioned above are all great reasons for doing so for your dog, there are a few benefits for you also.  In addition to the benefits you gain from the exercise, a walk with your dog, when done properly, establishes your place as the pack leader and allows you to spend some relaxing one on one time with your dog. As you can see, walking with your dog is a win-win for all involved.