Sometimes losing weight may turn out to be a nightmare with all the diets and lots of exercise and so many veggies and fruits, and hence most of us give up easily. But what we do not know is that losing weight should not be a torture rather a fun thing to do, so that you get slimmer and healthier and permanently keep the excess fat off. Here are six of the most effective ways of losing weight you probably have not tried before.

1.        Do you normal snaking, but do it wisely
Sometimes it is better to snack in between meals rather than holding the craving and having a big piece of junk. Snack on healthy things such as a fruit, or a packet of nuts or even a tablespoon of peanut butter. All this are healthy bites that will not add calories into your system.

2.        Avoid eating with your TV on
Did you know if you eat while watching TV you end up eating double portions of what you would have even you sat in the dinning table and ate with your family? This also includes any other distractive activities such as driving and texting. Make every meal special by putting it in a plate and sitting down to eat it.

3.        Check out your weight daily
If you constantly check your weight on a scale you are able to realize what works for you and what makes you increase the weight. So then you are able to choose what suits you.

4.        Plenty of physical exercises
Try to do push ups or lunges and squats for about 30 minutes everyday, this way your metabolism will be fastened making your body to burn down excess fats.

5.        Control your cravings
Most of the things we crave for have too much calories e.g., chocolate. But each time you get a craving try and ignore it. You could do this by calling up a friend; by the time you are through with the call the craving will be gone. Did you know that a craving only lasts up to 5 minutes?

6.        Eats lots of fruits and drink plenty of water
If you eat fruits and drinks water you tend to fill up your stomach and this will help you reduce the amount of food on your plate. This way you are able to avoid foods that have too much calories which add weight.