With so many people out of work and the economy still slumping, many are turning to starting their own businesses just to make a little cash. Herein lays the trouble for most cash strapped, out of work would be entrepreneurs. What do you use for start up money?

Most people who find themselves in a bind financially are justifiably worried about charging up their credit cards, and loans just are not so easy to come by when you are out of work. In fact, there are downright difficult to get a hold of these days. Truth be told, you many are also disillusioned and risk adverse to any more debt, and who could blame them? The solution is to keep your start up costs at next to nothing and hire yourself out to do the labor. While not glamorous, service industries have an advantage that other types of businesses do not, they do not require hardly any cash to start. Your knowledge base and your willingness to work hard are your two main assets.

Six Business You Can Start for Next to No Cash


All you really need are a minimum of supplies and your education or best set of skills to find work doing what you already know.

Pet Care

Pet sitters, dog walkers and the like get paid either an hourly wage or daily fee depending on the job. Kindness, patience, responsibility and a love of animals is all you need to start this kind of a service.

Errand Runners and Occasional Personal Assistants

If you are organized and able to follow directions, have reliable transportation and a willingness to work independently this may be the service based industry for you.

Techie Consultants

Pick your passion in tech and you can bet that there are a lot of people who will be needing your services regularly. Many know how to get by but need the security of a knowledgeable person when we get into trouble.

Home Window Washers

If you do a good job and don't charge much, you can bet that you will find enough work to keep you busy. You won't need much in the way of equipment and supplies, and can easily find enough leads through personal referrals once you have a few regular customers.

Mobile Car Detailers

The cost of detailing services that can be completed in the course of 2-3 hours or less runs upwards of $100 per vehicle. Do a couple of cars a day and you will have a regular fulltime income with a steady client base for less than full time hours.

Even with the slower than usual business climate, there is still plenty of work to be found in the service industries. If you are willing to work hard, and do a good job you can build a regular client base in a matter of months. The keyto starting a low risk venture is choosing a business you can start for next to free.