The State of California imposes numerous traffic rules in order to save lives from untoward accidents. However, despite the efforts of the State, many California motorists still fail to follow or forget such laws. Abiding with traffic rules is a must for any driver to reduce the instances of California car accidents.

List of Basic California Vehicle Codes that Can Save your Life

The following are the most basic traffic laws in California:

1. Vehicle Code Section 27315 or Mandatory Seat Belt Law

Pursuant to California’s Seat Belt Law, drivers may not operate their motor vehicle unless they and all of their passengers are wearing lap belts and shoulder harness that are in good working condition. Drivers and their passengers are required to wear seat belts while their vehicle is moving on public roads and private premises. Drivers who will violate this traffic rule may be given traffic ticket and may be fined.

2. Vehicle Code Section 27360 or Child Restraint Law

Under VC Section 27360, children vehicle passengers under the age of six years who are weighing less than 60 pounds, must be secured in child safety seat system and ride in the back seat of the car. California vehicle owners with children must install federally-approved child passenger restraint system on their automobiles. Proper installation of the said seat may be verified by consulting with local law enforcement or fire department.

3. Vehicle Code Section 27830 or Motorcycle Helmets Law

Motorcycle riders in California are required to properly wear helmet while operating their motor vehicle. Motorcyclists must wear helmets that are in conformity with federal safety standards. Violators of VC Section 27803 may be cited and/or fined.

4. Vehicle Code Section 27317 or Used Air Bags Law

Motorists who make use of used air bags for their vehicles may be fined for $5,000 and/or may be jailed for one year. People who sell used air bags may also face the mentioned charges.  “Used” means previously deployed air bag.

5. Vehicle Code 23123 or No-texting Law

Under California’s No-texting Law, drivers may not use wireless communication devices, such as cell phones, pagers, and laptops, while operating motor vehicle. Offenders may be charged with determined amount fine.

6. Vehicle Code 22348 or Speeding Law

In order to prevent California car accidents, under the speeding law, person may operate a motor vehicle along a highway at a speed faster than 65 miles per hour. When in freeway, California motorists are not allowed to drive at a speed greater than 70 miles per hour.