One of the best forms of exercise for losing fat is cardio training. Cardio workouts are so popular but lots of people are doing it all wrong when it comes to doing the exercise for weight loss. In this article let's quickly give you six cardio training tips that will increase your fat loss results.

Cardio training tip one

cardio traing tips and adviceWhen it comes to the duration of your workouts, keep them short and intense. Avoid long marathon workouts, the reasons for this is these long cardio sessions will put your body and joints under tremendous strain and will break down your body which will lead to injury.

Which is going to stop you from exercising which will result in much slower fat loss. Long cardio workouts are also boring, meaning you are more likely to quit. Shorter more intense cardio workouts, not only burn calories at a much faster rate.

But they also help in speeding up and elevating the metabolic rate hours after you have completed your cardio workout. This results in quicker and much easier fat loss.

Cardio training tip two

Avoid doing your cardio on an empty stomach. Training without the energy to complete your workouts will result in quitting your workouts before it is completed. And it will also result in you not being able to train to your best level. Try to eat some simple carbohydrates just before your workout and during it to give you the energy to workout hard and intense. Good sources of simple carbs are fruits such as oranges, apples and bananas.

Cardio training tip three

Try to do a form of cardio exercise that you enjoy, if you find running on the treadmill boring. Then it goes without saying that you should avoid using a treadmill for your cardio workouts. Try all the different forms of cardio exercise such as cycling, running, jogging, rowing and swimming and complete cardio workouts that you enjoy doing. By doing this you are less likely to quit and you will stay motivated for much longer.

Cardio training tip four

Don't do the same cardio workout, session after session. Mix up your cardio workouts, this will result in more positive workouts and will help you to stay focused and motivated which will lead to an increase in fat loss.

Cardio training tip five

Don't think you need to rely on high intensity cardio training all the time to see fat loss results. You don't your body needs rest to recuperate and recover. So don't always train high intensity, mix up your workout and occasionally add a less intense cardio workout to your training program.

Cardio training tip six

Try not to do cardio training before weight training. This is because cardio can deplete your body of vital nutrients such as glycogen and carbohydrates all of which are needed by your muscles during an hard weight training session. To obtain the best results from weight training, your muscles require all the nutrients and energy that they can.

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