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Six Flags Mexico City is one of the fun places in Mexico to go and is an amusement park in the Six Flags chain of parks. It is worth a trip to Mexico to head to the south of Mexico City to visit this great place for fun things to do with kids. They can even have fun swimming with dolphins at the dolphin aquarium at the park when you travel to Mexico to come to Six Flags Mexico City.

Six Flags Mexico City is known for having lots of different kinds of games, carnival rides and five thrilling roller coasters. You can bring the whole family for all inclusive Mexico vacations that include a side trip to this fun filled park where you can spend the day playing, eating, and having a good time. Then, when you’ve had your fill of fun, you can relax in one of the Mexico hotels or have a nice dinner out on the town.

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The Boomerang is one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in Mexico and was the very first on the planet to make an outdoor round trip around its tracks. A trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a ride on this speedy and spectacular coaster. Or maybe you would prefer the other roller coaster, Batman the Ride, which is the only upside down roller coaster in the country of Mexico.

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A third roller coaster featured at Six Flags Mexico City is called Superman the Last Escape. It’s the tallest and the speediest roller coaster in Latin America. These three and all the other roller coasters are always full of people during holidays in Mexico because the park is one of the most popular Mexico resorts.

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The Six Flags Mexico City used to be called Adventure Kingdom, but was bought out by Six Flags. At one time, the whale Keiko from Free Willy fame was one of their main star attractions, but now they have the dolphin’s exhibit instead, as well as singers like Savage Garden, RBD or DJ Armin Van Buren. So, if you take a Mexican holiday, you will be sure to have lots of fun for every member of the family.

It’s easy to get to Six Flags Mexico City by subway or the public bus lines if you are already in Mexico City, or you can drive there in your car. The park has plenty of parking facilities, as well as phones, ATM machines, a first aid station, and of course restrooms and even shower facilities if you need them. They also don’t forget about the little ones, as there are also diaper changing facilities.

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Six Flags Mexico City can be part of your next Mexico travel when you and your family can take one of the cheap Mexico vacations and enjoy this fantastic amusement park, stay in Mexico hotels and have the perfect holiday weekend of fun.

So, if you like fun and games and roller coasters and would love to pet a dolphin, then come on down to Six Flags Mexico City for a Mexican holiday you won’t soon forget.