What is Six Flags?
One of the dynamic and interesting Six Flags parks is the one in St. Louis. Actually it is in Eureka, Missouri but I believe the corporation designated it Six Flags, St. Louis for marketing reasons. 


Six Flags, St. Louis is a family fun park that offers all sorts of adventures for the individual and family. This place has a variety of attractions to please every member of the family. There are many action packed adventures that you are going to find, and take advantage of when you visit Six Flags. You will be able to build your adventure around many things; visit the water park, take advantage of thrill rides including the American Thunder roller coaster and then there are the dynamic and entertaining shows. 

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Tickets for the park can be found online or can be purchased at the gate. You can also choose to get a season pass. Check online for specifications regarding tickets and season passes, and to purchase tickets in advance, These are some of the great things you can take advantage of when you choose to make a day of it at Six Flags St. Louis.

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Six Flags theme parks have a lot to offer the consumer. Some of the exciting things that are new for 2013 include the Boomerang which is a wild new coaster. This is in addition to some of the other stellar attractions that are offered by the park including the Big Kahuna, the Bugs Bunny National Park Station, Daffy Duck Swing Ride, the Grand Canyon Catapult, the Log flume, the Dragons Lair, and the Banzai pipeline and Weather balloons. Visitors to the park can take advantage of mild rides, kids’ rides or thrill rides, depending on their age and taste for adventure. I stay away from some of the thrill rides.  They are not for the faint at heart or the people that have weak stomachs.

Visitors to the park can also take advantage of shows like the Batman show that is located on the studio back lot. The American Thunder as mentioned before is another wooden coaster that visitors to the park can enjoy. The largest of its type I do believe.


The Water Park

Amusement park rides and dynamic shows are not the only things that visitors to the Six Flags, St. Louis Park can take advantage of. Six Flags also offers a water park for those who choose to cool off from the summer heat. All sorts of water rides are available from the mild slides and rides for the small fry all the way up to the maximum thrill rides for older kids and adults. Such a great variety of water rides exist that individuals will have not problem finding water rides that will be suitable for all members of the family.

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Some of the water park rides that can be investigated are the Pirate Ship, the Bonzai Pipeline, Gulley Washers Creek, Tornado slide, Tree slides, and the Wahoo slide. Water slides aplenty abound at Six Flags St. Louis. The water park portion is usually opened sometime in May of each year.  They are not open for the first few weeks and that last few years of the season.  Also, the water park does close down at a certain time each night.  Get there early and enjoy the water, then head on over to the amusement side and spend the rest of the day. Usually the park is open for visitors that may enter the park for Memorial Day Weekend. Take advantage of all of the many things that this park can offer you and the whole day of it.

Other shows that will delight visitors to the park include Evolution, Dance Party, and Pop Beats, Looney Tunes Parade, Party on the Plaza, and country shows for those that enjoy down home entertainment at Miss Kitty's Saloon.
Mild rides, for kiddies, and thrill rides for teens and adults are not the only offerings from Six Flags, St. Louis. A full service picnic grove is also available for visitors to the park as are many offerings from snack bars, to full service restaurants.


Food and Drinks
Food offerings that can allow the individual to eat while at the park include, everything from funnel cakes to turkey legs, massive burritos, and Primo’s Pizza available in several locations in the park. You can take advantage of any of these offerings while in the park, Johnny Rockets Express and other venues are also located in the park. I prefer to bring a picnic lunch and go outside the gates and enjoy a cheaper lunch under the trees.  The food at Six Flags is overly priced and to be honest not that good.  You will have more money for souvenirs and games if you will just bring your own food.


I will say the purchase of the refillable containers for soda is well worth it if you and your children drink a lot of beverages.  The containers have straws and can be kept for souvenirs.  I did a quick check of the website and I cannot find the price or even the offer.  They might not be offering this anymore. 


The dining season pass is not worth it unless you are going to be going to Six Flags quite a bit.  If you live in the area and have season passes, this would be a good deal.  You would have to go there at least 6 times to get your money’s worth.  Again, their prices for food are about 2 times what the food would cost you anywhere else.  Six Flags knows you will buy it and they can charge it.  They would probably sell more and attract more people if they would consider lowering their prices to reasonable prices as those restaurants around the park.  They have enough quantity in sales to make a killing. 

Special Events and Shows

You can take advantage of special events that will be offered in the park starting with the Cinco De Mayo festival on May 5th, and events surrounding Memorial Day weekend, along with the Praise a Palooza and Christian family events that will be offered in the park during the summer.Six Flags St. LouisCredit: www.soulofamerica.com


The shows are my favorite.  If you need a place to cool off in the amusement areas, this is the place to go.  They are entertaining as well.  The park sometimes has special concerts by well know artists.  If you can find the time to go the show is free.  Some seats are premium seats and must be paid for.  Let me tell you they will not hesitate to kick you out of those seats either.  We thought we could sneak down and get a closer look with the kids.  I got caught.  My wife and kids did just move a little bit and did get to stay down front where all the action was.  I just enjoyed my children getting to see a great show. 

Whether you are tall or small, a thrill seeker or a saunterer, you should be able to find it at Six Flags St. Louis. It is fun for the entire family.  I do recommend the season pass, if you are going to go numerous times.  Two trips and you save money. 


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Get a hotel at the Drury Suites in St. Louis just 9 miles away. The address is 5 Lambert Drury Place (I-44 & 141) - St. Louis, MO, 63088.  The phone number is 636-861-8300.  This hotel has a free breakfast, which is awesome and a free dinner that is delightful.  For adults you can get two free adult beverages.  There is an indoor swimming pool and hot tub.  Gold Card Members can earn points to a free room.  This is my favorite place to stay in St. Louis.  Service is fantastic. And like I said before, only 9 miles away from Six Flags.  By the way, this is not a commercial.  I do not receive any pay or compensation from Drury Inns and Suites, but a free room in the future would be nice.  LOL

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