Camping is a great experience for a single person, a new couple, or a large family. The freedom of the outdoors coupled with minimalist amenities creates a great environment for relaxation away from the mainstream environment. While many of us know the essentials for a camping trip, such as a tent, sleeping bag and matches, here are a few additions to your pack that you might have otherwise left behind.

  • Battery Operated Lantern/Flashlight: There are really great flashlights out there with adjustable sides, which turns them into lanterns. You can use these to illuminate your entire tent, or set it on a table outside in the dark while you eat, read or play cards. Try out a handy Pelican flashlight; LED bulbs last the longest.
  • Portable Grill: There are really great portable grills you can buy to bring with you one your trip. Just because you're out in the wilderness, doesn't mean you can't grill a nice steak or burger! Brunton has a great line of portable grills, as well as two burner stoves.
  • Hydration Pack: Often referred to by the popular brand, Camelbak, these hydration packs can be great for anyone on the go. Whether you're walking, biking, running or hiking during your camping trip, having a water source that is as agile as you is invaluable.
  • Pliers/Knife Tool: Having a versatile tool at your fingertips can be useful in many scenarios, and a Gerber Classic is an all-in-one type of tool that you can slip into your pocket and take anywhere. With pliers, Philips and flat head screwdriver tips, bottle openers, a high quality knife and more, this tool is sure to come in handy in many different situations.
  • Cooking Set: Whether you have a stove or not, having a few pots and pans can be very useful. You can boil water over the fire to purify it, or cook any food items you might have.
  • Shovel: It can be very helpful to have a shovel as part of your camping gear. You can use it to break up the ground when staking your tent to the ground, to bury ashes when you leave the campsite or go to sleep, or to dig a hole to double as your facilities.