2015 Car
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2015's car models will boast some unbelievable technologies. Each year, new car buyers are treated to the newest automotive bells and whistles and they just keep getting better and better. Let's take a look at what's in store for next year.

Connected Cars

Automakers are planning to allow drivers to connect with their cars by way of wearable electronics. Drivers will be able to use their Google Glass, smart phones and other devices to remotely start their vehicles, access service information and perform a wide variety of other automobile related tasks. This will all be made possible with the utilization of cloud based technology.

New Materials

Several automakers plan on replacing traditional automobile steel bodies with the type of aluminum that is used to make military vehicles. This will serve to protect vehicle occupants much better than the old steel bodies. It will also make the vehicles much lighter which will increase their fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficient Technologies

Automakers are implementing a wide variety of fuel saving technologies like nine speed automatic transmissions, the tying of all wheel drive systems with rear axles that disconnect and improved continuously variable power trains like Honda's Earth Dreams. Next year's Honda Fit will utilize this technology to achieve upwards of 33/41 mpg on city roads and highways.

Night Vision

Some auto companies are nearing the point where they can install night vision onto new vehicles. This will enable nighttime drivers to detect pedestrians, animals and objects that they normally wouldn't see.

Hydro Power

2015 will likely mark the arrival of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles. Fuel cells will react with hydrogen and oxygen from the air around the vehicle to create electricity. This will power hybrid style vehicles and produce only water vapor as an emission.

Self-cleaning Cars

It's hard to believe but we aren't far off from vehicles that clean their own exteriors. Select new vehicles will have a special paint that blocks dirt, oil, mud and water from sticking to the vehicle. The paint creates an air barrier between the vehicle and nature's elements so that the vehicle's surface remains pristine.

If all the proper pieces fall into place, we'll see each of these new automotive technologies over the course of 2015. If not, they'll likely make it to our vehicles by 2016. Technology will keep progressing to the point where we'll eventually step into our cars, type in our desired destination and sit back and relax while our cars drive us to where we need to go.