With a troubling economy, it can be tough to survive in today's business world. Depending on your area of business, a successful marketing campaign can be crucial for excelling, as well as reliable business partners. Here is a list of a few things that might be beneficial to your business:

1) Online Marketing
With the continual increasing popularity of the internet, more and more people are using it to purchase things, especially since competition is high and prices are low. If your business deals with some form of e-commerce, you probably have heard of the value of SEO (search engine optimization) and how it can help drive people to your business, thus increasing sales. For most companies, especially online retailers, it is imperative that you be found on the first or second page of google for whatever it is you are selling. That is why it is recommended that you hire a professional SEO service or, at the very least, invest in Google's pay-per-click (PPC) adds. If hiring a professional SEO company is too costly, consider an SEO Software, such as Lotus Jump, that is much more affordable ($24/month) and teaches you how to do your own SEO.

2) Business Surveys
As many of us already may know, getting customer feedback can be vital to a company's success, especially in terms of improving your product or even before you release a product. What you need to find out from consumers is whether or not they think the product is useful to them, if it's affordable, and if it has user-appeal. The only real way to know the answer to these things is by using some kind of survey software or polling method. After such data is gathered, it will be much easier to determine which direction to take and what adjustments need to be made.

3) Buzz
Buzz is form of viral marketing that effectively spreads the word about your product to a wide range of people. Depending on how strong the buzz is, this very well could be the most effective method for driving new visitors to your site. What's so great about it is that it creates product awareness to people who may have never even heard of your product, or would have even found out about it. An example of a successful buzz campaign is Blend Tec's famous 'Will it blend' videos, posted throughout many video streaming sites, including You Tube. What they do is blend all sorts of things, including lighters, i phones, etc, and show how strong and reliable their belnders are. Ever since their buzz campaign took off, their sales have increased dramatically. To see one of their videos, click here.

4) Viable Payment Solution
For those businesses who deal with international transactions and global payments, it is important to find a company that has a good reputation for processing payments in a timely manner. Smaller, no-name companies tend to be more susceptible to causing delays in payments, which can damage customer relations, something you want to avoid at all costs.

5) Data Protection
If your company is like most others, you probably have important documents in one of more of your offices. The question is, are they safeguarded? If there was a fire or computer crash, would your company still be able to function properly without those files and documents? If the answer is no, you might want to consider getting some form of internet storage, whether it be from an online company that stores your private information, or storing your data from a different location. As the saying goes, its better to be safe than sorry.

6) Symbol/Logo
You company's symbol or logo is what defines you and what gives you meaning. If you have a weak or unattractive logo, people are going to associate that with poor quality products. If you have something that draws appeal and is easily recognizable, people are going to show more faith and trust in you. Successful examples could be the ones Microsoft uses (for windows), Cisco Systems, and even Pepsi. Just try to keep it simple yet bold.