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Dora the Explorer is a precocious toddler who teaches children how to participate in different bilingual adventures while they use their imagination to travel to many exciting places. Such adventures include going around the red bush, through the nutty forest to get to Dora's house in the middle of the Rainforest. On the way, she and Boots warn their friends to get inside before the storm rains on them, helps build Benny a house and helps guide Tico to his home, all with the help of her friends-the viewers.

Three-year-olds from all over love Dora the Explorer because she engages them, and with the help of the Map, they help Dora get through every adventure. She asks them for their help and asks them what their part of each episode is. She encourages them to speak and repeat things in both Spanish and English.

Other Dora adventures include jumping into the big ABC book to help their friend the armadillo find all of the missing animals from the ant to the zebra. In this episode, the toddlers once again help Dora find the animals by going to the elevator, over the slide where Swiper the fox causes mischief, to the letter Z where all the animals are hiding to give armadillo a surprise party for being such a good friend to them. In between, the children learn different things about different animals that begin with all the letters of the alphabet. At the end of this particular adventure, they sing the animal ABC song, which is a little different from the regular ABC song they sang at the beginning.

Many three-year-olds love Dora the Explorer and giving them a theme Dora the Explorer party will surely put a smile on their faces. Children love Dora because the respects them and teaches them. As a parent, seeing your child's face when she sees the Dora the Explorer party theme is priceless. Decorations and presents are two of the best parts of any party, and a Dora the Explorer theme birthday or theme party will bring joy to your young adventurer.You can find discount Dora the Explorer party supplies in a few places for your three-year-old's birthday party.dora party hat

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