Once you have branded the your InfoBarrel account, whether that be your use of images or even just the way you write.

You are instantly memorable.

A lot of the articles here on InfoBarrel are the same written with the same sized, same style  font,  with not one image to be seen.

So how are you supposed to remember what author wrote what?

By branding your articles and account, people will remember you rather than thinking (as an example) "What was the author called that wrote that really good article about branding?".

Even if they can't remember the author when searching for the article, they can remember something that is unique to the article/ e.g. The font was in blue.

Hence when they across the article they will know instantly that this was the article they read.

When someone has a postive memorable experience with an article and author (that is branded), they will then more than likely want to go and check out the rest of your articles.

Rather than go to a different author who writes about the same subject area.

Well why?

They can associate how you branded the article with good content, hence once they know this and open up another article that is in the same layout etc. they will go on to read it as they expect another positive experience.

Where as if you had the 'positive memorable experience' with an article that was branded and the user goes on to check other articles that you have done which aren't branded, they won't associate that they are likely to have another positive experience (and hence might not go on to read it).

Many studies by psychologists have shown results that claims that 'familarity induces liking'.

This then is another great reason to start branding your articles and account.

As when people know a particular layout etc. people will start to warm to the content that you are writing, enhancing your content on a subconscious level.

Then even when the content is really good, it can be even better to a regular reader as they are familiar with the brand of the article.

Now to translate this into InfoBarrel terms.

(The Premium Image, is the brand you are presenting).

Instead of getting a 'premium price' you are getting 'premium time'.

What do I mean by this?

They are going to give your article more attention than the average article (could be good or bad, as you are under more scrutiny).

But this gives you the chance to really hit home with a point you are trying to get at, or a clickbank product that you are recommending for purchase.

By developing a good brand on InfoBarrel, people will usually trust what you have to say.

Hence when you decide that you might want to step away from InfoBarrel and go and develop a blog for example, you can then spread the respect that you have on InfoBarrel on to this new blog.

Or it could be that you are known for writing about a certain topic e.g. the psychology behind InfoBarrel articles, as then if you have credibility for this topic, you will then be given some instant credibility for the next 'related' topic you want to write about.

By differentiating your articles from the usual, you are instantly branding yourself.

It is you projecting an image to your reader of what you are about, whether it be good or bad.

People will always point out the black sheep in a flock of white sheep.

And this is what you want, to be that black sheep, because then you will be pointed at.

More people will look at you.

Then hence you get more views.