Despite the many similarities between women's running and men's running, there still remain some important differences. Those differences are not all just physiological; some are emotional and social as well. This article will examine six separate issues encountered by women runners, and offer up some special running tips.

Women Are Athletes
You don't need to compete at the Olympic level in order to be an athlete. A runner is an athlete, and a runner who is a woman is an athlete too. No matter how fast or slow, large or small, short or tall, an athlete is someone who gets out there and practices her sport – in this case running.

Running As a State of MindRunning Tips for Women (24267)

The only thing it takes to be a successful runner is the right frame of mind. The way you think about your running is what matters most. If running is meeting your needs, if it works for you, then that makes you a successful runner. It doesn't matter what the stopwatch says or what the neighbors say. If running relieves stress for you, if it burns calories or gives you alone time away from the children, then you are a successful runner.

Competition Works

Everyone knows it's not all about winning. But everyone has a competitive side, and exploring yours can give you benefits outside of running. Trying to do well in a race can help you get in touch with your assertive, self-discipline and, goal-setting self. As long as you keep everything in proper perspective, the fruits of competition can help you succeed in other areas of life – like at work.

Running and Women's Health

Heart disease kills 10 times more women in the US every year than breast cancer does. Running is one of your best defenses against heart disease. It helps to lower your resting heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, raises your good HDL cholesterol levels, and assists in maintaining a healthy weight.

Remember Calcium and Iron

For women runners, iron and calcium intake is especially important. Iron is even more important for menstruating women. This is one time that nutritional tips can also serve as running tips. Good sources of iron include beef, spinach, and fortified dry cereals. Good sources of calcium include dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli and salmon.

Slow Running Burns Calories

Fast running might be fun, but you can't do it for very long. Nothing beats slow running for burning more calories than just about any other activity. There is nothing that helps you lose weight, and keep it off, better than running. running is inexpensive, available at any time, and if need be – it can be done while pushing a baby stroller.