When it comes toilet problems, they are more often irritating than they are catastrophic…you just need to know how to fix the issue. Whether you have Toto toilets or another brand, here are six common toilet problems and the simple solutions to fix them:

1. The Handle is Loose or Sticks – This is often just a matter of cleaning the mounting nut of the handle. Located on the inside of the tank behind the handle, clean the mounting nut and remove any gunk or lime so it operates smoothly. Use commercial cleaners or a toothbrush dipped in vinegar to get clean in between the cracks.

2. The Toilet is Clogged – One word: plunger. To use the plunger, simply place it over the trapway of the bowl and rapidly move the handle up and down. The movement should create enough suction to loosen the clog. Once the clog has been loosened, pour water into the bowl to flush down the debris or waste. If the plunger doesn't work, use a toilet (or closet) auger, which is a flexible tool designed to remove a stubborn clog or obstruction in a toilet. Insert the auger into the trapway and try to thread it through the clog. Once you it catches on the clog, twist the auger as you pull it out to remove the clog.

3. The Toilet Won't Flush – To find the source of the problem and fix it, check each part of the toilet including the handle, chain, flapper valve, and lift arm. Oftentimes, the handle is too loose or the lift arm may be bent.

4. The Toilet Isn't Flushing Completely – Try removing any excess slack in the lift chain connected to the flapper valve.

5. The Toilet is Running – There can be a number of reasons causing toto toilets to run. First, try simply jiggling to handle to ensure the flapper valve has closed. If that doesn't work, check the float ball inside the tank to make sure it isn't touching the sides of the tank. A running toilet can also be cause by a damaged or worn flapper valve. If that's the case, simply empty the tank and replace it with a new valve.

6. The Toilet is Unusually Noisy – When it comes to an unusually noisy toilet, the ballcock (or fill valve) is most often the culprit. The ballcock controls the water level in the tank. It can easily be replaced with a new one; just follow the manufacturer's instructions.