Got Stress?

Here are Some Positive Steps to Eliminate It

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Stress is common.  Everyone feels stress in their life at some point.  However, you can save yourself from feeling constant stress in your life by taking some positive steps to get rid of the triggers that cause you stress.  Here are some ideas:

* Avoid associating with people who cause stress for you.  This means that you shouldn't spend time with toxic people who stress you out regardless of whether they do so intentionally or not.  Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves for these kinds of people and get nothing in return but stress and its myriad effects.  Think of yourself first and avoid them when possible.

* Since work or the workplace can be stressful, try not to work more than you need to.  This goes along with the previous point.  Not only should you avoid people who cause you stress but also stressful contexts as well.  Now, granted, most people need jobs to pay their bills, so quitting a job may not be possible.  But look honestly at your job and see if some variables can be changed so that you experience less stress at work.  At the very least, you can work only as much as you needed to get your work done or put in your minimum hours.

* If you are currently not taking drugs or pills to treat your stress, try to avoid them initially as you tryThe Effects of StressCredit: more organic means of eliminating stress.  Medicating yourself to deal with your stress actually stops you from actively eliminating it from your life. It is a quick fix that doesn't improve the situation.

* If your living situation is causing your stress, you may want to move.  Home is important--it's your sanctuary where you sleep, eat, live.  If the place that makes up the core of your existence is causing stress or if people in it are doing it, consider moving from that place.

* Don't use alcohol to forget your stress.  Like drugs or pills, this is the same kind of treatment that doesn't really treat problem itself but instead your reaction to it.  Remember that you aren't the problem and trying to forget the problem through drinking doesn't help you with the root causes of your stress.  In fact, depending on how drinking factors in to your stressors, it may worsen things for you.

* One way to exacerbate the effects of stress on you is to keep your feelings inside instead of saying how you really feel.  Don't keep your feelings bottled up. This doesn't mean you have to yell and scream about the conditions bearing down on you.  But you can talk about how a situation makes you feel.  When you're able to do this, oftentimes, it reduces your stress levels while at the same time restoring your confidence to deal with whatever is at hand.

If you have a plan and follow it then, unlike what many think, you can eliminate stress from your life.   Use the steps above for creating a life that is free of stress.