Pack for a Summer Camping Trip

Camping allows your family to get away from hassles of modern-day life, commune with nature and bond with each other. These trips take some extra preparation. Here are six tips for packing for a summer camping trip.


If you are going to hike, you need heavy-duty hiking boots. Buy these a few weeks in advance and wear them around to break them in. Do not go hiking in brand new shoes since this will cause painful blisters. Also bring appropriate footwear for water sports and around the camp site.

First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen while camping. You need to have a proper first aid kit with all appropriate emergency supplies. This includes bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze, tweezers and a bug bite kit. If you are camping near snakes, you may even want to include anti-venom. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you can usually buy a complete kit at sporting goods stores.

Mosquito Repellant

Summer can be the worst time for mosquitoes. These bugs aren’t only annoying, but can carry serious diseases. Buy a repellent candle or other product that you can place in your campsite to keep mosquitoes away. Also buy repellent to spray directly to the body.


Some of the worst sunburns happen in the mountains because it is typically cooler and people don’t think about burns. Also, the suns’ rays are more intense in higher altitudes and can do more damage. Bring plenty of sunscreen and apply it to everybody multiple times a day, no matter how warm you may or may not feel.

Flashlight and Batteries

You should bring enough flashlights for everyone to have one, including one extra. Pack plenty of extra batteries as well. A headlamp is also a good idea, and will probably be used more than any other tool.

Food and Cooking Supplies

Plan each meal before you go and purchase everything you need. Use gallon size baggies to keep all item together based on meal. Use 1-2 ice chests to keep everything cool. Make sure everyone has a durable water bottle as well. Bring flavor packets to help encourage children to stay hydrated. 

Packing for a camping trip takes a lot of extra planning, and sometimes space. It may be a good idea to pack a utility trailer to carry everything. Once your family is sitting together with the glow of campfire and starlight instead of cell phones on their face, it will all feel incredibly worth it.