More and more people are coming to agree that urban tap water brings a lot of health risks, and should be purified somehow before being used. There are several different ways to do so, from a simple carbon filter to the complicated Reverse Osmosis systems. I’ve tried them all, and believe that the Berkey system is the best. Why? Following are six reasons.

1. It takes out almost everything bad.

The Berkey filtration system works by the water passing through two filtration elements that have micro-pores so small that even bacteria cannot fit through them. In the process of filtering, the elements remove almost 100% of viruses, pathogenic bacteria and parasites. It takes out radon, chloroform, chlorine and a host of volatile organic compounds to below detectable limits. It reduces heavy metals by up to 95%, and removes or reduces rust, sediment, foul tastes and odors. Add the fluoride elements, and almost all the fluoride in water is removed as well.

2. It keeps the good stuff.

By “good stuff”, I mean the minerals. Distillation and reverse osmosis (R.O.) both take out the bad stuff, but also remove the minerals as well. As minerals are essential for good health, this is not good news.

3. It retains oxygen in the water.

As pure as distilled water is, it lacks something else other then the critical minerals: oxygen. Does it make sense to drink water that has had the most important element for human health taken out? While R.O. systems can boast of an end product loaded with oxygen, the Berkey can boast of retaining both the oxygen and mineral content.

4. The Berkey takes up little space.

You need about one square foot of counter space for your Berkey. That’s it. Even so, you can count on somewhere around two gallons of water per hour from the system – much more efficient than a huge, under-the-counter R.O. system, which takes much longer to produce the same amount of purified water.

5.  It doesn’t waste water.

An. R.O. system disposes of two gallons of water for every one gallon of purified water that it produces.

6.  It’s an affordable option.

Considering that it takes out just about all the bad stuff, retains the water’s mineral profile and oxygen level, takes up little space, works with great efficiency, requires no pressure or electricity, and produces delicious water, the Berkey system is very economical compared to other systems. I wish I’d known about it years ago!