Quinton ‘rampage’ Jackson is a UFC light heavyweight fighter who held the Championship belt for a number of years. Jackson began his fighting career with the Japanese based Strikeforce where he was a force to be reckoned with even then. Once his career with the UFC began Jackson’s fighting career took off. It wasn’t because the fighter was undeserving of the attention that he was making –when Rampage walked into the cage you knew a fight was on. While time and age are now both weighing against Jackson, for many UFC fans around the world there will never be another quite like him. He is a beast in the cage and here’s  six reasons why he’ll always be the best in so many people’s eyes.

Have You Seen That Face?

Rampage Jackson is a fighter at heart and it shows all over his face. He’s not the man you would want to run up on in a dark alley, that is a fact. His bite is as loud as his bark, and his look is as terrifying as any pitbull.

Ricardo Arona

Back in the days of Pride Fighting, Rampage went up against Brazilian fighter Ricardo Arona, and an exciting fight it was. During the   fight Rampage used his now infamous power slam to KO Arona on contact. You couldn’t watch this fight without grimacing.

He has Skills

Rampage Jackson is good at what he does and has mad skills that can be respected. He is so calm when he fights and a hit from his opponent usually only excites him more.

He Was the Best Trash Talker

Nobody could talk a better game than Rampage, and throughout his long history in MMA we can find him making many off-the-walls comments, hilarious jokes and always providing us with tons of smiles.

He was Named After a Violent Video Game

Ever wondered how he got the name ‘Rampage’? It was from the 80s classic video game of the same name. Take a look at the game and you will learn why he was deserving of this title. He is the beast!

He’s Funny

Not only is he a top-notch trash talker, Rampage is also quite the comedian and has a keen sense of humor that makes us laugh every time we hear him joke.

There are many great fighters within the UFC and MMA organizations but there will never be another Rampage Jackson!