Relationships are very different for men and women. Both respond in very different ways to the challenge of maintaining a healthy relationship as they are coming from different sides into a partnership that requires work and commitment as well as love to keep it strong.

For men, it can be especially difficult to understand your partner, but below are six ideas that a man can apply to make his relationship stronger for the long term.

1. Stay faithful to your partner

Being faithful to your partner takes a lot of time and effort, and cheating on your partner is a sure way of losing her for good. If you really believe in your relationship and your ready to settle down with your partner, stear clear of other distractions and stay faithful to your partner, and your relationship will prosper because of it.

2. Keep the romance alive

Being romantic is about being spontaneous and thinking about your partner's needs before yours. When you've either been in a relationship for a while or just starting out, it's important to keep that spontaneity alive. Be creative and alert to new ways of showing love to your partner in a genuine way. Romance isn't about sex, but about meeting your partners needs in the ways she wants.

3. Learn to compromise

Compromise is about making hard choices for the sake of your relationship. If you want your relationship to prosper, you'll need to make it number one in your life, and that means maybe forsaking activities that you used to do in your pre-relationship days. It's not that they need to be banished forever, but maybe not taking such a high priority in your life. It's all about doing what is necessary to make your relationship prosper.

4. Be kind and considerate

Being nice to your partner is a simple thing but can so often be neglected especially after a bad day at the office or a sleepless night with the kids. But if you can put your anger on the back burner and bite your tongue, then she'll really appreciate it. Women also loved to be complimented, and told that they are loved. When you do this in a genuine way it, not too much but definitely on a regular basis, this will really help her feel loved and appreciated by you.

Be considerate of the things she would like you to do. Jobs such as cleaning the kitchen, changing diapers, DIY, taking the trash out without being asked, will really be appreciated when done with the minimum of fuss.

5. Listen to her

This one is probably the most important, as women tend to love to talk about how they are feeling. If you took the time to actively listen to your partner, she will appreciate you all the more for giving up your time to do so. This means abandoning any activities you may have and listening to your partner, responding positively and encouraging her. Don't try and solve the problems, as often it is best just to listen and only give advice if they ask you to.

6. Learn to speak her language

Each person has a love language. For some it is touching, for some it is receiving words of affirmation or other things. Learn what your partner particularly likes and doesn't like, and then adapt your behaviours to match what she needs. You'll find in turn, that she does the same for you. It will go a long way in making your relationship that much stronger.