There are hundreds of Kindle cases marketing themselves as the best Kindle cover but really, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a matter of personal opinion. Given there is a huge range of Kindle covers and cases, colours and designs, it is no easy task deciding what is best for you.


Whether it is sitting idle in your bag, or in use, the cover will protect the exterior, and as most Kindle covers fold easily for one handed reading or provide extra grip and cushioning, this will make it easier to hold.  Beyond its functional use, the right Kindle cover will say a lot about you and is a simple way of personalising your device.


Bored by the traditional lighted leather case or put off the colour options in basic designs?  Here are six pretty Kindle cases that go beyond the plain Jane, single tone or basic Kindle case designs.


kate spade new york Canvas Kindle Covers -The Great Gatsby , The Importance of Kate Spade Kindle Cover(103275)Credit: Earnest and Great Expectations

kate spade new york has re-imagined a few of their favorite titles and crafted them into clever book covers (that should not be left on the shelves!) With original artwork from the design team at kate spade new york, these covers feature a slip pocket, padded interior and  hinge system that’s specially designed to attach your Kindle to its cover.  Who wouldn't want one of these pretty pretty covers to adorn their new ereader?


Verso Versaille designer Kindle coverCredit: Versailles Cover for Kindle and Kindle Touch

Stylish, pretty and very beautiful, the classic damask pattern on this cover adds an air of sophistication to your Kindle. This cover is lined with a soft microfiber material to protect your device from damage and hosts an interior pocket for documents or receipts.


kate spade new york designer Kindle cover Kate Spade Kindle CoverCredit:

Designed exclusively for Kindle and Kindle Touch by kate spade new york, this cover allows you to protect your Kindle in style. With a high quality finish, dressed up with signature spots, this case is a must have Kindle accessory. The exterior and screen will be well protected and surely make you the envy of all your friends.

 Verso Artist Series Case for Kindle DXCredit:

Verso Artist Series Case Cover for Kindle Fire, Cities

This beautiful artistic series of covers may even inspire you to travel the globe with your device. A soft microfiber lining will protect the screen, corner straps will encase your device securely and the cover provide protection from bumps and knocks, along with looking absolutely stunning.


Kindle Cover Shoe Design - Marie FinlayMarie Finlay Shoe Design Kindle CoverCredit:

This cover is made using funky shoe fabric in black and white, perfect for that special someone you know who loves shoes.  Your Kindle will be secured with snug corner straps, there is an internal pocket for cards and receipts and the cover is well padded to protect from knocks and bumps.


Pretty Kindle CasesCredit: Kindle Covers

These Kindle covers are super pretty, with an easy clean nylon cover.  Featuring a folio design, these cases with a soft interior lining and enticing external design will help you stand out from the crowd.


Where can you get these great cases?  Amazon is home to some of these pretty Kindle cases and is probably the first place you will look if picking up your Kindle at the same time.  There are also great designs available for competitive prices on Ebay and independent sites; it is well worth hunting around to find the prettiest Kindle case you can!