Do you struggle with portion control? Portion control is a key concept in weight management, weight loss, and healthy living, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy.  We’ve all heard ‘everything in moderation including moderation’ which means that sometimes you do want some quantity with the quality!  Try these sizeable snacks which have 200-Calories or less:  

1) 2 Cups Red Cherries-  180 Calories

2) 2 Cups Light Popcorn- 100 Calories (depending on brand, look at label)

3) 2 Cups Red Seedless Grapes- 200 Calories

4) 2 Cups Carrots (Baby Cut) and 2 Tablespoons Light Ranch Dressing- 200 Calories

5) 2 Cups Light Fruit Flavored Jello Made with Fruit- 200 Calories

6) 2 Cups Watermelon (sliced or in balls)- 100 Calories

7) 1.5 Cups FitGroove Fitness Light Side Vegetable Soup- 200 Calories

8) 1 Grilled Peach, 1 Tsp. Cinnamon over 1/2 Cup Vanilla Frozen Yogurt- 200 Calories

9) 1.5 Cups Steamed Asparagus,  Diced Garlic, 1 Tsp. Light Margarine, and 1 Tsp. Parmesan Cheese- 200 Calories

10) 20 pieces Multi Grain Rice/Wheat Crisps, 2 Tablespoons Salsa- 200 Calories

It is important to keep in mind that when you are trying to maintain your weight or lose weight, fresh natural foods are optimal. Think about it, how many times have you eaten a red delicious apple and then thought that you’d like another? Whereas with highly processed foods, even healthier or low calorie options, it can be very difficult to stop eating at the proper serving size. Have you ever counted out 7 low calorie, high-fiber crackers with 1 tablespoon of reduced fat cream cheese; you finish eating them and inherently it is a challenge not to have more. Ensure you filling up on the least processed foods possible.

Finally, planning is key to healthy eating. If these types of fresh foods aren’t available to you when hunger strikes, then you are at high risk of reaching for junk. Plan ahead and create strategies for home, work, school, trips, etc. to make sure that you can maintain your nutritional goals.  

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