Muskoka Woods

Muskoka Woods offers a wide variety of training programs. From skateboarding to wakeboarding. Mountain biking and much more. The Muskoka Woods skateboard camp will help you improve your skills. If you are a complete newby to skateboarding then Muskoka Woods will start you off with the basics of skating and help you advance through the ranks. If you are an experienced skater then Muskoka Woods will help you learn new tricks. Regardless of you skill level Muskoka Woods skateboard camp will help you to drastically improve your skills in a friendly environment.

Camp Woodward

Camp Woodward has training camps for a wide variety of sports including snowboarding, cheer leading, tumbling, skiing, inline skating, and of course skateboarding.

Camp Woodward has locations in Tehhachapi California, Woodward Pennsylvania, Cablee Wisconsin, and Copper Mountain Colorado.

SkatingCamp Woodward has a foam landing pit. The foam landing pit is so you can learn new tricks like pulling a 360 in the air. Instead of worrying about landing you simply land in a foam pit. No hurts no worry. The foam pit allows you to concentrate on learning the new trick and you can learn to land the trick later.

Many skateboard camps contain a foam pit but the one at Camp Woodward stands out. At Camp Woodward it seems the whole camp life revolves around the foam pit.

Waterville Skate camp

Waterville Skate camp is locate din the town of Waterville Valley, Indiana. Waterville Skate camp offer both day camps for local skaters as well aas extended overnight skate camps. If you are from out of state and flyingthen officials from the Waterville SkSkSkate campll meet your child at the airport and sassafelyort them to thththeifriendlyville Skateboarder camp.

Windells Camp

Windells Camp offers skateboarding training, BMX, snowboard and other sports training as well as some academic training in various course such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Windells has a 15,000 square foot indoor skate park. Windells is home of the largest private indoor skate park in the Northwest.

Windells specializes in skateboard training for people under the age of 18. If you child has never skated and is interested in learning then Windells Skateboarding Camp is highly recommended.

There are many skate parks that specialize in skateboarding camps to help improve the skating abilities of skaters. Weather you are a complete novice to skateboarding or an experienced rider looking to improve and or learn a new trick then there is a skateboard camp for you.

You may be interested in free skating or skating a half pipe. Whatever you skill level a skateboard camp is a fun and safe way to learn new skating skills as well as making life long friends with people of similar interests.

Image credit: (Flickr/mlloyd)