Skateboarding Pictures and Parts

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Skateboarding has become a great hobby and sport. Sporting events like the X-games have taken skateboarding from an underground hobby to a mainstream sport. 

Now that we have identified that skateboarding is a fun and popular sport, let's go over some things about skateboarding that you may not know. 

Here we go.

Parts of a Skateboard

There are many parts that go into a skateboard. If you are going to become a skateboarder, you need to know the different parts. 

- Skateboard Decks - Decks are the part of the board that you stand on. There are decks called tactics, crooked, and creäture that are all set up differently for different things. Some are set up for riding and some are set up more for tricks. These also come highly stylized and you can get them in any design you want. Many companies offer to do customization as well.

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- Trucks - Trucks are the parts that hold the wheels on the skateboard. These are super important because they are built differently depending on what you want to do. Some are tight and some are loose. They can be customized just about anyway you need them to be. There are some called independent, venture, and thunder trucks. Each have their own benefits. 

- Wheels - It may be a no brainer what this is, but the wheel play an integral role in the tricks and style you create with your board. Not only can you get a custom design, but you can also have the wheels shaped a certain way. It is important to know what you want to do as a skateboarder before you buy your wheels. 

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- Bearings - Bearings are little metal balls that are inside the trucks that allow the wheels to spin. They spin in a circular motion lubricated by grease which keeps your board moving easily. However, if one pops out of alignment, your wheels won't work right. 

Styles of Riding

There are many different styles of skateboarding out there. We are going to go over a few here so you can get an idea of one you may like. 

- Freestyle Skateboarding - Freestyle skateboarding is the oldest style of skateboarding. It can simply be done with a board and a flat service. During the 1950's many people would imitate the movements of a surfboard. This is the basis of professional routines.

- Vertical Skateboarding - This is riding a board on a slightly larger version of a half-pipe. These vert ramps are used by trick riders. 

- Transition Skateboarding - Transition skateboarding is boarding on a mini ramp. Bowl tricks are done on these ramps. Riders usually have boards that are wider with wider wheels.

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- Street Skateboarding - Street boarding is when you as a rider skateboard over obstacles in an urban area like benches, rails, walls, curbs, etc. The boards used here are usually narrower and the wheels are a little smaller than 55cc so that the board will turn faster during tricks. 


This is some general information about skateboards and skateboarding style. Hope you enjoyed the information and the pictures. 

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