Nowadays, skateboard prices are often pretty lofty for the majority of us who are suffering through this economic disaster, that's why skateboards for cheap are really high in demand. But with so many dozens of skateboards for cheap on sale online, it can be hard to tell if you're getting your money's worth. The best skateboards for cheap are definitely out there floating around, and after reading this article you should soon be on your way to buying perfectly fine, quality skateboards for cheap and saving lots of money in the process.

Prices on skateboards for cheap - How low is too low?

When looking for the best skateboards for cheap, it's not always a good idea to go after the lowest priced ones you can find. There is a limit to how low a price should be for quality and durable skateboards for cheap.

You've probably noticed by now that most skate decks sell for around $50-$65 on average, and that's without grip tape. If you're an avid skater who's on a budget, these prices can sometimes put a damper on your favorite hobby. The best skateboards for cheap are going to be less than $50, but still above the $20 mark in most cases.

When you start looking for discount skate decks on sale priced below $20, you run a big risk of getting a poor-quality product that's not worthy of your feet to even stand on. Sure, you might be able to find a one on sale under $20 that seems fine at first, but you'll just wind up needing another one within weeks. So unless you just need a temporary skateboard for cheap until you have more money, discount skate decks on sale for less than $20 are not going to be worth your time or money.

What to look for in skateboards for cheap

Now you may be wondering what kind of discount skate decks sell for $20-$50. There are actually two types of boards to keep an eye out for: blanks and older model name-brands on sale/clearance.

Blank decks are great examples of quality skateboards for cheap. These boards are essentially the same as any other name brand board, except you're not paying extra money for the cool-looking graphics or the popular brand name itself. Blanks sell for anywhere from $20-$50 (usually around $30 or so), and when you buy from reputable dealers and get quality blanks from companies like Moose and CCS, these are some of the biggest money-savers when it comes to buying the best skateboards for cheap. You can pretty much get two boards for the price of one name brand one, and you won't notice a difference in quality or durability.

If you want popular name brand one, your best bet is to wait until new models start to come in and snag the old models when they go on sale. Skate shops both online and in the real world have a lot of clearance and discount skate decks on sale that they need to get rid of to make room for new inventory.They may not always be the best looking or most popular, which may sometimes be why they haven't sold, but a deck is a deck. They're almost all made with the same wood, same ply, and same dimensions and that's all that matters when you want the best skateboards for cheap.

Advantages of buying skateboards for cheap online

Buying skateboards for cheap online is almost always the best way to go, and there's a few reasons why. Obviously, one big reason that sticks out is because you have the luxury of shopping around and comparing prices between dozens of online skate shops and outlet stores. This drastically increases your chances of getting a really nice skateboard for cheap.

Another luxury of shopping online is being able to read product descriptions and features. This gives you an opportunity to find out why certain discounted boards are priced so low and allows you to get an idea of what's in store for you if you choose to make the purchase. All of this combined with the fact that there are so many more clearance sales online than there are in stores makes shopping for skateboards for cheap online your best approach.

Of course, there are some advantages of buying skateboards for cheap in stores as well. You never have to worry about those pesky shipping and handling costs, or giving out your credit card information. You also get a chance to see the products up close and personal, and get a better idea of which skateboards for cheap are worth buying.

Where to get the best skateboards for cheap

There are numerous places online to buy skateboards for cheap, but you can't trust them all. I wouldn't recommend looking on eBay or CraigsList private sellers unless you can identify a reputable seller. Some of the better online companies that sell skateboards for cheap are places like CCS, and SkateAmerica. These companies have very high customer satisfaction ratings and have been recognized as legit retailers for years.

There are still tons of other sites out there that offer better deals, you just have to take the advice in this article to be sure you don't get ripped off. When you're not looking online, keep an eye and ear out for clearance sales at your local skate shops. Try to get those older model discounted boards while they last.

Now go find the best skateboards for cheap

Now that you have this valuable advice, go make a smart purchase and find the best discount skate deck that you can find. Remember to shop around, compare prices, look for old models and blanks, keep an eye and ear out for discount boards on sale, and always read up on product descriptions and dealer reputation when possible. If you keep these things in mind, you can constantly find really nice skateboards for cheap and always have a new one ready to ride whenever you decide you're sick of your old one.

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