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The Skecher Shape-Up sneaker, in my opinion, does help firm your thighs and butt.  Putting on the sneaker makes your body automatically balance differently and changes your standing stance.  When your standing stance changes slightly, when you walk around to do your activities during your regular routine, your body uses different muscles and using different muscles helps firm body areas that you normally would need to exercise to make more firm.

Skecher Shape-Up Sneaker

Heads Up

Skecher Reviewed

There's been mixed reviews about workout sneakers that force the body to change a persons standing stance.  Many news channels have done reviews about these kind of workout sneaker and found that many people have sprained ankles because they found it difficult to keep their balance.

It takes time to adjust walking in the sneaker.  I do suggest having your ordinary sneakers with you when wearing the Skechers the first few times because you will notice parts of your back thigh muscles being used that normally are not used when wearing ordinary sneakers.

Full Review

Many people feel Skechers Shape-Ups are a joke but I feel what Skechers Shape-Ups claim they can do has worked for me. I've worn Skechers Shape-Ups for four months and I've noticed my posture, thighs and buttocks firmed up.

When I saw the commercial promoting the Skecher Shape-Ups I also thought what a joke.  I could not believe that a sneaker could firm up the lower body while going about your daily activities. I thought scam all the way until one day I tried them on while shopping for new sneakers with my mom.  I put a pair of sneakers on and walked around the store for about ten minutes. It took a bit of getting use to but the sneakers provided massive cushion while walking around and felt muscles I don't normally use while walking being used and noticed myself balancing more compared to ordinary sneakers . I was sold and purchased my first pair of Skechers Shape-Ups.

I waitress for a living and walk constantly. The first day I decided to wear them to work I made sure I brought my regular sneakers in case I started to feel uncomfortable. I started my shift and as the night went on and I got busy, I was concentrating on work and never thought about the Shape-Ups I was wearing. Towards the end of the shift and cleaning up to close down, I thought to myself wow, my feet feel great and I noticed my thighs and buttocks burning as if I were working out. I wasn't in pain or uncomfortable but I did feel my muscles get a little sore. I headed home, took off the Shape-Ups and felt as if I just worked out.

I decided to wear the Shape-Ups to work regularly and four months later I can say that my posture, thighs and buttocks are more firm than they have been in years.  My favorite tight jeans are not as tight but rather much more comfortable.  I noticed my posture improved and my belly fat went down a little too. I did not change my diet so in my eyes the Shape-Ups work for me.

Skecher Shape-Up

In Closing

I now wear the Skechers Shape-Ups when working but I do wear my regular sneakers on my days off. I give my legs a rest on my days off. If you want to better your posture, tighten your thighs and buttucks I suggest giving the Skecher Shape-Ups a try.