Better than ever!

January was almost as good as December!

I didn't do an earnings report at the beginning of Jan (my computer is pooched so I lost a good week setting another up) so thought I'd put them together now as people seem interested.  After a slow start from Amazon last year from May when I signed up with them, it's definitely taking off.  I have plans to set up Amazon reviews sales sites. 

I am very pleased with my results and it just makes me want to work even smarter and harder.  Hope it has the same effect on you guys. 

I started here the end of last Aug, all my autumn earnings are here for Infobarrel earning for Aug, Sept Oct and November's passive online earnings here. I just missed my first Adsense payout by 36 cents at the end of December.  I was amazed I got that close.  My best single day in Dec was $6.02!  And $3.86 in Jan.

Nothing went viral or too crazy, just slow and steady I guess.  It's mostly google traffic which I am happy about and am actually amazed how well my "hobby" articles are doing about antique lace, chickens, and even the recipes are doing well.

December 2011 Earnings Online from Writing Articles and Affiliate Commissions

December on Infobarrel (56 articles by month end-only added 5  more) so lowest share

  • IB Adsense: $33.85  (was $55.74 total adsense including below)
  • Chitika: $2.79

Other earnings (a few newer tiny Niche blogs & writing sites)

  • Adsense:$21.39 ($16.26 of that at Seekyt)
  • Amazon (all-my non-squidoo blogs/articles): $51.09 (22 items)
  • Squidoo Including Amazon/Cafepress: $117.57
  • Squidoo Adshare : $33.54
  • Hubpage: $6.28 (traffic shot back up Dec 19th after a 2nd google blackout on my subdomain)
  • Zazzle $25.78

Grand Total $292.29 corrected to $311.15

Edited to add on Payday for December I got $170.37 for Squidoo instead of the $151.11 I was expecting.

Total Articles on various sites: 182  so corrected average of $1.71 earnings per article. 

January 2012 Earnings Online from Writing Articles and Affiliate Commissions

Infobarrel (59 articles by month end-only added 3 more-at lowest share)

  • IB Adsense: $30.56 (was $53.76 total adsense including below)
  • Chitika: $1.92

Other earnings (a few newer tiny Niche blogs & writing sites)

  • Adsense:$23.21
  • (all-my own affiliate): $21.16 (10 items)
  • 84 pence
  • Squidoo Including Amazon:$110.73 without adshare (which I conservatively estimate at about $50)
  • Hubpages$17.55 (22 gardening and chicken articles wrote last year from March to July)
  • Zazzle $0.00 I haven't been promoting much

Grand Total $204.83 (Closer to $250 with adshare from Squidoo I think, and not including a few bucks in Ebay or the UK amazon)

So total 201 articles all over by month end on IB, Squidoo, Hubpages, Seekyt and Wizzley.  I have quite a few articles in pseudonym accounts to sort things out as I have quite a few niches now.

Average earnings per article with adshare included $1.27 per article Not bad for January

If anyone is interested in learning more about Squidoo or joining, there is an article Always do these 10 Things to Write Successful Articles on Squidoo  that I wrote in Nov when I realised how to make it work.  I'll probably be writing another, as I have been studying this month and learned a few more tricks.

There was a point early on when I got hooked on seeing what adsense clicks are up to, but now I can't wait to check my Amazon stats in the morning.  I had sold 7 items when I got up this morning from 2 squidoo pages for a headstart on February's numbers.  You guys can sell Amazon stuff too.  It is possible.  I am no salesperson,  I just write about products I like, use or am interested in.

It is a little more "work" as far as commenting to get likes and increase rank but Squidoo definitely part of my overall plan, you can see it is worth it, with about 80 lenses there.  I am glad I have a few avenues of income, then if something cuts off one day, I won't be floundering. 

I'll be using Wizzley more too, and IB and Seekyt for more texty articles that aren't as flashy with products.  I think IB will be getting a few photo how to articles for homesteading stuff too.

Plans and Goals for 2012

I don't really set goals but I love the encouraging, community idea of the 500 articles, so I am up for the 500 articles challenge for 2012 with Crystal Nici I'll link to the blogsite when it is up.   I should be aiming for 365 articles really as that is about the rate I managed this past year (about 1 a day) but then I will only try for 1 article day then procrastinate.  If I know I have to get that 2nd one in as well, that will drive me on.  

I will probably aim for one review type sales type article a day and another easy one I write straight from my head, homesteading, chickens, recipes or something etc to make it easier.

Whatever we do in IM, those articles are our little lottery tickets, portals to dollars and the more we have the better we will do, niche websites or not.  They will teach me where to spend my time, and how to become a faster researcher and writer.  I am slow because things have to be just right, so quality will outweigh quantity when it comes down to the wire.  I'll learn what types of article earn best and also I guess they'll earn a few bucks too.  I have 200 articles now and know a lot more than I did, but after 500 more, there'll be no stopping me!

I want to try more product areas first in articles, I am selling some things but think there is a lot more potential out there than what I am doing now.  Items that are higher dollar items, better percentages and less competition items would be ideal.   And I need more buyer-y keywords, but I don't want to narrow down to actual model numbers because I want to be able to update my articles and a url for an old model number isn't going to look good.  I hope to raise the average earnings per article as I write better articles this year.

I'd like to increase my Clickbank sales this year and receive an payout, too.  I have had no luck with Commission Junction and Amazon now carries products (chicken medications!) I had to recommend through CJ 6 months ago. 

So I am excited and encouraged, and plan on a $1000 month in earnings sometime this year hopefully by summer!  I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles!

Writing the Amazon reviews I learned from OneClick Learning's blog.  I do what he does and use Stealth for the kw research.