It is all about the keywords

This is another combined report from the February and March 2012. I've included all my online earnings, so you can see things are starting to diversify, though one income stream galloping ahead of all the others. 

I am still learning as I go, but I am also seeing definite returns from doing the same thing repeatedly. I think the number one reason for my earnings jumping like they are, is my fascination with keywords and the fact I enjoy the process of searching for them. it is a slow process for me but I'm certainly be starting to be able to predict the success of the keyword a little more, based on what comes up in my results.

I used to sell antique linens on the Ebay, I would both buy and sell them both on eBay. The buying involved scouring through thousands of pages of listings, for one or two mislabeled gems that I could resell for a decent profit.  I have always enjoyed looking for a needle in a haystack and excitement when I actually found whatever it was I was looking for. For those of you with this strange natural drive, you really should find keyword research fun with the right tools.  I would say to the rest of you who do not have this crazy urge, entering into barters, deals and writing articles in return for keywords, is time and money and effort well spent.

As linking becomes less relevant and less valuable, I think finding longtail keywords that are not "used up" or saturated will give you a definite advantage.  When I read comments and posts on the forums, it seems the majority of revenue sharing writers have more of a gift or interest for writing than for researching keywords. 

To write a good LSI, SEO optimized article for Amazon sales (Oneclicklearning has some excellent help on that) is not that difficult compared to getting traffic to it, which is where your keywords will give you a definite advantage. This is obvious when you look at JCMayer777's way of doing things, and everything keywords are a huge part of his runaway success, as well as having that steady output. It is so much easier to keep producing a steady output, when you see definite results from nearly every new thing you create.  I strongly suggest you re-read JCs keyword articles and in the blog success followup too and really wrap your head around it and make it work for you.

Once you have enough articles out there (I broke 300 this week - some outsourced) you start to get feedback and you can evolve your keyword research and improve your odds of success with each new article.  I really hope this helps, as being able to do the mechanical side of things is easier to learn.  Having that spark that helps you see trends come and go, make sense of the keywords and which is a worthy direction to go into, is much harder to cultivate.  That's part of the 80% learning v's 20% writing that JCMayer has written about.

Here's Dec-Jan earnings for those who are interested.  Then onto this report.


February 2012

Corrected after May 10th Squidoo payday!

Earnings (including IB/Squidoo/a few free Niche blogs & writing sites)

  • Adsense:$39.34
  • Chitika: $1.95
  • (all-my own affiliate): $41.55
  • 0
  • Squidoo:$291.27 (official as of 14th April Paypday)
  • Hubpages$19.95 (22 gardening and chicken articles wrote last year from March to July)
  • Zazzle $5.39 I haven't been promoting much

Grand Total $399.45

So about  250 articles all over by month end on IB, Squidoo, Hubpages, Seekyt and Wizzley.  I have quite a few articles in pseudonym accounts to sort things out as I have quite a few niches now.

Average earnings per article with adshare included $1.59 per article  But many are very new about 50 new articles in Feb!

My best article earned$ 89.17 for the Month, a record for me and it!


March 2012

Earnings (including IB/Squidoo/a few free Niche blogs & writing sites)

  • Adsense: $48.81
  • Chitika: $1.16  (Got a surprise $11.80 payout the other day too!)
  • (all-my own affiliate IB/Wizz/Seekyt): $100.41  (27 items)
  • 9.22 pounds or say $13.83
  • Corrected Squidoo base on May 10 payday:$574.47
  • Hubpages$30.99 (22 gardening and chicken articles wrote last year from March to July)
  • Zazzle $19.25

Grand Total $788.92

So about 300 articles all over by month end on IB, Squidoo, Topicspotter, Hubpages, Seekyt and Wizzley.  Most of the new are in pseudonym accounts to sort things out as I have quite a few niches now.

Average earnings per article with adshare estimate, included corrected from $2.39 per article, to $2.63 per article after Squidoo Payday! Again, 50 are brand new articles in March.  I am thrilled, I had a couple of very lucky hits and had a couple of $50 days this past week too. 

 That same best article for Feb earned $132 in March! Another record!


I see some major rearranging (again) on google even this past Friday so who knows how it will continue.  I had a goal of hitting $1000 per month sometime this year, I think I said by June on the Forum, but am honestly hoping I can do it by May or even April! 

My last 50 articles and a month maturity on the others have added $300 in Amazon sales on Squidoo, so if I can do the same again, barring no other major changes, I think I could crack it in the next month.  We'll see!  It makes sense to write/outsource another 50 articles for April, and get them up, if I can, but I do not usually set specific goals for myself as I tend to ignore them and go off the rails.  So let's just say, I will write the more articles in the month.

I would like to thank CrystalNici for motivating us to join her in the 500 articles challenge. I think having this in the back of my mind has kept me going to the point where I'm now seeing results, which is just pushing me the more, as I'm actually seeing results for the writing I do.