Skeffling Lavender Farm on Infobarrel

This is my 100th online article and my 45th on IB.   I am writing this as a journal for myself, a place to keep a record for taxes, haha.  It's also to encourage others that this can be done, no matter how eccentric, disorganized and odd you may be. 

Expect monthly updates and rambling commentary as I try to make sense of the big picture.  I guess I will apologize now for the length of this earnings article.  Here's an introduction so you can take things I say in context, or a grain of salt maybe.

About me

I am an impatient, disorganized, easily distracted person so not the best fit for online grunt work.  But I love the thrill of the hunt and researching things, I take delight in the little things, and sharing and teaching what I know.  My writing is improving and better than it ever was in school thanks to a children's writing course I took in 2001-2.  I didn't mean to teach people, it's wierd, they just seem to keep asking and listening, and expecting me to know things.  In city offices I go to to work, people are fascinated with homesteading stuff, and you can't go to a Christmas party without people asking you about chicken reproduction or how to make jam.

So I graduated from dental school in 2000, and I started selling on Ebay that year to help with the student loans as I decided I didn't like dentistry that much, but still had to do that fulltime too.  Back then on Ebay, your password was still a 4 digit number.  We bought boxes of stuff from auctions for $1 and then split up the contents and might make $10 on the lot!!  First thing I ever sold, I got $3.49 for and I was hooked!  It evolved into linens as they weren't breakable and I taught myself all about them after buying lots of antique linen books, using the $1200 US from 3 "flipped" books I bought in boxes of junk books at a local auction.  I took $30,000 one year in linen sales my spare time well over 7/8 of that profit. 

In 2005 I decided to go freelance as a dental locum and only work half the time for the same money by travelling to offices where the dentist was sick or on holidays.  Then we got the farm, I got busy and the economy dropped off for the linens.  Only the best stuff sold and for half what it did before, so I let it go while learning about chickens, farming, growing lavender and beekeeping, when I wasn't away working.

Since University, I seem to have crazes where I learn about things for months or a few years and figure them out.  I think writing online is one, but am hoping it's the way to freedom and never having to look in another mouth again. 

So what am I doing here?

I am of the mind set of work smarter not harder and even in school my motto was "maximum return for minimum effort".  So what am I doing here?  I am hoping to pay my bills while I stay at home on my hobby farm.  In order to do this I want to be efficient and make the most of each opportunity.  I learned since I've been on Infobarrel the "how to" and recipe type articles I am drawn to aren't the best for generating income.  I enjoy doing them and will keep writing them, but I still want a decent online income.  So that means alternating product reviews and problem solving and money saving, more commercial articles in between my homesteading self sufficiency posts!

I would love for this income to be truly passive and to go on for years with no input from me, but I figure any income or freedom even for a period of time is worth the effort.  There will always be changes in payout schedules, traffic, policies, interests, search algorithms and websites seem to come and go in a few short years, so to assume this will last for ever may be wishful thinking, but it is a dream of freedom. 

If enjoying the process, the research, the writing, the promotion and sharing information to help people is enjoyable, then producing new content over the years will be a pleasure anyway.  And I love it!

Starting at Infobarrel

13th August 2011


I signed up August 13th 2011.  I can't remember who referred me.  I think I read about Infobarrel in a passive income article.  I honestly can't remember, it might have been Ezine.   I have taken in and read some much information on passive income and writing content online this summer and fall. I remember most things, but not always where I saw it! 

Other online writing since March

I already had a Google Adsense and Amazon Account and was quickly approved for my Chitika account on joining.  By joining part way though August, I was a little late for the contest, but achieved 12 points.  I was a bit shy to join the forum til September and am so glad I did.  The moral support is wonderful, the technical expertise incredible.  I have learned more in 2 months about writing successfully and increasing my Adsense revenue here than anywhere else. 

I had been writing on Hubpages and Squidoo since March-April, earning just a couple of dollars a month though that has been increasing.  I hadn't written anything in either place since July but am now writing on Squidoo more. 

I have a website, and forum which keep me busy, and another on chicken care etc.  The Euskal Oiloa are a rare breed of Spanish chicken I am lucky to own.  I felt strongly enough about sharing them, I have sent hundreds and hundreds of fertile eggs all over Canada this year for just the cost of mail.  That is a lot of eggs to wrap in bubble wrap! 

I have a handful of newer blogs on blogspot.  One is a week old and I made 55 cents already.  I am trying to find a way to affiliate for an unexpected very specific bigger traffic item people want.  By bigger traffic like 5 google searches a day!!  But it's the best yet.  I am learning.  One blog is for an affiliate link with lots of back links and it has crept up but is still on page 2 and no sales!!  I will do more with these, but think I'll get more feedback from more IB and Seekyt articles and see which are worth getting domains for after recent forum discussions.

The Adsense Spikes are Getting Closer Together....

August on Infobarrel (10 articles by month end)

Adsense: $0.25 

Amazon: $0.00

Chitika: $0.00

New to the site Aug 13th still working full time, so a bit slower writing!  I was not the forum then either.  I was amazed I earned anything!

September on Infobarrel (total 27 articles)

Adsense: $1.46    

Amazon: $0.00

Chitika: $0.61

I slowed on the writing here to spend a week or two setting up 2 Zazzle stores.  I have images from the antique linens and lavender, and my belted Galloway cows.  I want to do another on chickens as I have thousands of pictures I have taken.  Adsense seemed higher around the holiday weekends.


October on Infobarrel (total 44 articles, 1-feature, 2-charity)

Adsense: $8.50   

Amazon: $0.00

Chitika: $0.96

I am getting Adsense clicks most days now which is wonderful.  I guess the two month rule is true!  The Infobarrel earnings are more than half of what I make with all my other sites though Seekyt is looking promising with 74 cents in Oct on about 10 articles.  Hubpages took a huge nose dive half way through the month and 95% of my google traffic completely dried up, I hope it is temporary.  I still earned about $5 there on 22 articles.  Squidoo gave me 2 Amazon sales back to back, for a grand total of $0.48!  But I am with the program!

I don't have my analytics/Adsense set up right, so I can't tell you which articles the clicks come from, occasional I seem to randomly be able to see which have produced a click in the custom channels, but nothing I can keep track of.  It only lets me see 6 or 7 channels though I have uploaded them all.

Goals for November

Being new to all this, there's the huge question of What do you do first, read up on SEO or write tons of articles?  You could choke up and never write if you try to learn it all first, but to spend months writing things no one can find or wants to read is a waste too.  I have been trying to do a bit of both, which works well for my short attention span.  So it means I am both producing something and any time I am not writing and just surfing the net and reading, it's either keyword research or learning SEO, LSI and all that.

It is important to note that with the dynamic nature of the internet, some older threads and even articles are not as accurate as they once were, so keep reading and sifting.  I make sure I check in at least once a day in the forum, and trying to make it less than 10 times a day.

I'm not really goal-setter though I see that is this the way most online content writers keep themselves going.  I usually give up 95% of the way to a goal, but sometimes almost immediately, I go off track. I should set goals anyway and be 95% further on than I was, but something in me rebels against them and my mind just wants to wander.

I guess a goal of writing at least an article a day, somewhere, is reasonable, and 2 or 3 even better. I don't know how else to aim or set goals for specific amounts, so I will keep doing what I read to do.  Keep writing.  Just keep plugging away, stop checking Adsense all day and get on with it! 

It is a numbers game to a degree, but having good ctrs and click amounts along the way will help.   Quality will beat quantity eventually, the way things are going with Google.  I did outsource some articles and was very impressed with them. But I have tweaked them beyond recognition in most cases.  I loved the ideas in them, and it gave me a great lift and I learned a lot from them, they were very smooth, but they fit my profile in other sites better than IB as they were.  Not sure if I will do outsource again or not.

Going back and interlinking more is an idea, but I already do that with anything new I write with existing articles.  It's the early stuff that has a more recent article I can link too that needs to be done as I don't write in batches, I am all over.  At least it's random links, and I'm seeing some organic back links too.  Linking the media pages in first half of my articles needs to be done now too, now I have figured how to do it without going into the html code.  I want to comment more on articles. I am just so slow and they often end up being a novel!  But I'll do it.

Edited to Ask if you are curious, did I meet my goals in November?

Is writing for Info Barrel for you?

Anyone can write for passive income on Infobarrel.  Everyone knows something interesting that other people don't know.  Start with that.  Share your hobbies and interests, or even write about your favorite TV shows or movies.  You can learn the other stuff as you go along, if you want to go further.  Not every article will be perfect, but you'll learn.  I am learning and earning, and I know it will only get better. 

The community here is second to none, and I'd love to thank everyone who has helped me knowingly, or by something they wrote a year ago.  Thanks.