Welcome to November's Passive & Royalty Earnings Article

I am bursting with excitement at this months earnings, which I know can't be sustainable after Christmas but I will get a taste of what earning money on the internet feels like! 

This is part two, my first Infobarrel earnings article is linked below, read it first if you haven't to get an idea of where I am coming from.  I was going to just keep adding to the same article, but would love to be able to add more links as I progress that the 2 we are allowed, so will just link these earnings articles.

So in Ocotober I earned $ 9.46 on Infobarrel.  Overall total was around $20 earnings with Hubpages, my $2 from squidoo and no amazon sales!

So What did I Spend November Doing?

I certainly didn't have the month mapped out!  I just reread last months article and the new Zazzle store, that is the bulk of my earnings this month, was not even on the horizon!  

I have no idea exactly what I was going to do for November, just link and write and stuff for gift shoppers.  But a chicken friend came over a few weeks ago to pick up some hens and I told her about my zazzle store I set up this fall, the belted galloway store and my antique linen store.  I had sold 2 items in my galloway store by then too.  She knows I have tons of photos of my chickens, and we talked about me starting a chicken store too.  Anyway the upshot was, it dawned on me the thing stopping me was poop in the background, it is ubiquitous with chickens. 

So long story, long....over the course of the month, I did some chicken breed reviews for a pet site.  He had emailed to ask to use my a black sumatras chicken video I posted on You Tube a week before that.  I got some very kind links as an chicken expert, to my two chicken websites.  I asked him and he told me how he cut a chicken out onto a white background which was what he used on his website.  It was the magic extractor tool in photoshop elements.  So an new era was born.  

I have probably spent 20 hours on extracting, uploading and designing items onto Zazzle, and am dying to go back and do poopfree Galloways too when I get time.  My royalty, commission and volume bonus for the month are about $85 between the 3 stores.  Mostly the chicken site and galloways, but I sold from all 3!  I figure the lace one will be more of a wedding store eventually. 

Anyway this is a huge chunk of my online income this month (was zero last month), so if you have images you may be able to use or a sense of humor for joke mugs etc, it is worth considering Zazzle.  Even if you are not creative, promoting and selling an item on Zazzle will net you a sweet 15% in commission, more than a lot of affilate programs!

I will probably write an article about Zazzle and another article making money on Squidoo in the next few weeks, as that is my other surprise success story this month.  I can't put the link in but they are on my main profile page if you are curious what the Zazzle stores look like.

Actual Online Earnings for November 2011

November on Infobarrel (51 articles by month end-only added 7 more)

  • Adsense: $12.36
  • Chitika: $2.11

Other earnings (a few newer tiny Niche blogs & writing sites)

  • Adsense:$12.59
  • Amazon (all-need to label and split them up but don't fancy going through all my links...):$5.72 (4 items)
  • Squidoo Including Amazon:$32.88 Confirmed Jan payday (I had 2 seven-item shopping sprees and 18 items sold total)
  • Hubpages$6.72 (traffic shot back up for half the month then nose dived a second time for 2nd half of it)
  • Zazzle $85.85 Over $30 of that from a store I set up a week ago (see my "how's youe month going" forum post).  I got 36% commission/royalty on some items but 21% minimum as I set it at that!

Grand Total $158.23 (about $130 more than I was expecting!)

Did I meet my goals?

and new goals....

As I said before, I don't tend to set specific numerical goals, I have an aversion to them and they tend to stump me.  I do better to just keep doing stuff I like that I know is productive.  If I know I fell short of a number, I can either feel bad, or feel like I got done more than I would have.  I have to consciously make myself remember to feel like the later.  I can do it but it is not automatic.

Part of what I love about the internet writing is how all the pieces fit together and if I feel like not doing something, I can do something else til I feel more like it. I don't really force myself to do a single thing I don't like!!!  I even love the kw searching, it's such a cool game.  So it means, what I do get done is very productive time.

The hardest things for me is to keep producing articles (as I am slow) which I know is super important and the key to all this, so I did outsource some again this month, more for the ideas and fresh approach than the words. 

So last months goals....

  • "goal of writing at least an article a day, somewhere, is reasonable, and 2 or 3 even better."

I published 1 Wizzley, 12 on Squidoo, 10 on Seekyt, only 7 on Infobarrel, so 30 total.  Then 5 niche blogs (just 2 or 3 posts so far 2 to promote Zazzle),  created a 3rd  store on Zazzle about a week before the end of the month.  I have 10 or 15 designs in it and 243 customizable products

  • Going back and interlinking more is an idea,

Did that here and squidoo, went and linked at older articles that I had written related new ones too.  I added some useful modules there to all my lenses and changed a few IB signatures too for better links, as I haven't referred or signed up a soul here!!

  • "seeing some organic back links too"

I got a few more,  Wiki answers to a 2 pages on a blog of mine and links to a couple of pages from Rightpet.  Have some good chicken links and twitter favouriting too

  • Linking the media pages in first half of my articles needs to be done now too,

Got about 2/3 done and got way more tower ads to pop up too but then it was all buggy and frustrating so I stopped.  It was going back to old versions once I had edited etc.  Never got back to it.  Mean I have about 5-10 articles that still need it.

  • I want to comment more on articles. I am just so slow and they often end up being a novel!  But I'll do it.

I did a few, mostly replies though.  I ended up doing it more on Squidoo as I am now a Squidangel!!  And we are supposed to bless a lens a day (or whenever we go onto Squidoo)

I think that is it.  Overall I am thrilled.  By starting to make some money, I can see where is the best return for my time.  Right now for the Xmas Rush, it's Zazzle (partly why I didn't get the 30 points on IB this month) as I chose to concentrate on that this past week and Squidoo Amazon.  Seekyt and IB are doing very well for adsense better than I had hoped even with out the Zazzle earnings. Ctr has been quite high (for me) steady all month on Seekyt) and income was $9 and change for 20 newer articles  it compares favourably with IB. 

If anyone wanted to check out Seekyt, I'd recommend it to you. I plan on writing about both Squidoo, Seekyt and Zazzle in the next little while and am happy to help with tips.

I feel like I am finally getting the hang of Squidoo, and it is a goldmine IMO.   I am not an expert, but something is working.  Maybe it's just Christmas.   If you had asked me 2 months go, I would have told you I was not keen on Squidoo and actual my 1st 2 articles on IB were pulled and rewritten from Squidoo. 

This IM thing seems to get better the more I do.  I mean there is more volume, but it seems, the return is better on each new thing. 

New goals

For December.

Vague. More of the same.  Get the Zazzle promo blogs going, just started them yesterday.  Maybe write some IB and seekyt articles on the Zazzle stores.  And get a few more Squidoo amazon type articles up.  I want to check out and write for the Featured articles for Jan.  I meant to do the 5 this month and I think managed 2 actual entries that I can remember, and one is featured this morning!  Thanks Admin!  That is so cool.

For New Year

I bought some domains on niches I've been getting clicks and or amazon sales on, since I got the half price unlimited hosting at Thankgiving on Hostgator.  Think it'll be the new year, gotta figure out the wordpress cpanel thing.  I am not looking forward to that I must admit, not very technically inclined, but I want to have my own wen properties badly enough I'll find a way.

I have more ideas for Zazzle stores, I may give cafe press a try and allposters too.  

I hope this has shed some light on how I did what.  I have been here 3 months and 2 weeks and am not prolific at producing articles, but am happy with my results on IB and elsewhere.

Moral of the story....

What I have learned this month is, when you find something that works and it's the best yield for your time, do more of it.  The longer you write online, the sooner you will see which areas yield the best, but you have a try a few new things.