Skeleton clocks, a type of clock where the gears and inner workings are outwardly visible, have been a popular timepiece choice for over four centuries. Their look is both technically fascinating and stylistically striking making skeleton clocks an excellent choice for many home design styles. Below, you'll discover more about these terrific timepieces and where to buy them.

Skeleton Clocks: History And Style

skeleton clocks_1Skeleton clocks have been around since the 16th century, making them one of the earliest types of clocks ever created. They became popular in Britain in the early 19th century, and antique skeleton clocks are a major collectible.

The style is still thriving today; there are many types of skeleton clocks available with different levels of their inner workings being showcased in the design. Some of today's skeleton clocks nod back to a classic, European design, while others use contemporary styles. There are skeleton table clocks, skeleton alarm clocks, skeleton grandfather clocks, skeleton wall clocks, and just about any other version you can think of. Some are under glass, while others expose the gears directly to the environment.

Where To Use Skeleton Clocksskeleton clocks_2

As decorative pieces, skeleton clocks are really striking. They fit perfectly with many European classic interior designs, especially those that nod to exploration and nautical themes. There the mechanics of skeleton clocks play really well with the angles and intricacies of maps, telescopes, and other stylistic decor. That being said, because of the variety of these timepieces, you can find types that work for nearly every interior design. Skeleton clocks complement modern interior design especially, as the starkness and simplicity of the timepieces fits very well with sparse surroundings of an ultra-modern room theme.

Skeleton clocks also make excellent holiday and special event gifts for people who love learning about how things work. Those inner gears are fascinating to watch, and they are often appreciated by craft hobbyists, architects, builders, designers, and planners. This also makes skeleton clocks excellent incentive gifts for businesses. Instead of a crystal paper weight, look into a quality skeleton clock as a reward for good work.

The Price And Where To Buy

Skeleton clocks range in price from $30 to a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the type you are considering. The sweet spot seems to be $100 - $150 dollars for many table or wall clock varieties. has a wide choice of skeleton clocks, from wall clocks to classical table versions. You can also find skeleton clocks in home goods stores and sometimes at your local Goodwill.