You can turn ordinary items into skeletons for inexpensive Halloween decorations. Look for large gray or white rocks in your yard and clean them. Turn the rocks into a faux skull with patio paint and art brushes. A metallic paint adds a gold tooth to the skull. You can group several of the rock skulls near a doorstep or entryway for bigger impact.

Turn your skeleton craft into a favor for a Halloween party. Start out with two marshmallows. Cut the bottom marshmallow to look like a jaw using scissors. You can create the eyes and nose with black licorice; just use a toothpick to make a hole and press the candy against the marshmallow. White sprinkles work as the teeth. The toothpick helps you make a hole in the bottom of the skull to put a black and white candy stick into forming a lollipop.

Kids can help make Halloween decorations or use a skeleton craft for a science project. You can create a faux skeleton from dried pasta, white glue and construction paper. Provide your child with an illustration of a skeleton and several different kinds of pasta. Your child can use a separate sheet of paper for the skull, arms, and rib cage. Label each page using alphabet soup letters with scientific or holiday words.

You can use a photo of a skeleton for artwork or to decorate a treat bag. Print out photos of animal skeletons such as a frog. A photo program will help you invert the colors so the skeleton is bright white against a black background. You can find a sticker paper that will glow under a black light for an eerie skeletal effect that almost looks like an x-ray. Frame the print or stick it on a paper sack for a treat bag.

Turn a skeleton into an unusual take on a traditional sock monkey. Use white athletic socks, cotton thread, and a needle to sew a basic doll shape. A permanent fabric marker allows you to draw on the bones and make the doll scary or funny depending on the age group. Stuff the doll and sew the seams closed. You can decorate the skeleton with doll clothes or hot glue brightly colored hair to the skull.